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The Early Release of Google Shares

Google  Inc. ‘s  GOOG  -0. 72%  quarterly earnings report hit Wall Street more than three hours early on Thursday due to a glitch. The bigger glitch was what the Internet giant's results actually showed. Enlarge Image Shares of Google plunged after the company's third-quarter results missed expectations of strong growth, and inadvertently were released well before the market's close. Does Google's notable revenue and earnings miss spell trouble for the tech sector? Is this a buying opportunity in Google shares? Ken Sena, Evercore managing director, joins The News Hub to discuss.Photo: REUTERS. Among the litany of issues, the Internet search giant's profits slid 20% from a year earlier to $2. 18 billion, or $6. 53 a share. Revenue rose 45% to $14. 1 billion, thanks to the incorporation of Google's new Motorola hardware unit. But revenue excluding Motorola slowed for the fourth consecutive quarter, dipping to a growth rate of 19% from rates of more than 20% for the past f ew quarters. At the same time, Motorola also revealed a bigger-than-expected operating loss. The weak results, coupled with their unexpectedly early release from financial printer  R.R. Donnelley  RRD  -2. 56%  ; Sons Co. , wiped $22 billion off Google's market capitalization halfway through the day. Google's shares halted trading for a time before resuming. Google shares tumbled after the company's Q3 earning slipped out prematurely. WSJ's John Letzing has details on Digits. Photo: Getty Images. As of the 4 p. m. market close, the shares had recovered slightly to end at $695, down $60. 49, or about 8% for the day. Still, the stock drop was a reversal for Google, which had experienced a run-up in its shares in recent months.The company's market capitalization had recently pulled even with  Microsoft  Corp. MSFT  +0. 44%  for the first time, fueled by perceived good news about its online-ad business and missteps from rivals such as  Facebook  Inc. FB  +0. 33% At the crux of Google's profit slide was the growth rate of its biggest and most profitable revenue engine: ads on its Web-search engine and video site YouTube. The growth rate of those ad sales has steadily dropped since mid-2011. In the latest quarter, sales of the ads rose 15%, but that was down from 39% growth a year ago. The growth rate for uch ads fell not because advertisers were buying fewer of the ads—in fact, Google sold 33% more ads in the third quarter. But the average price paid by Web-search advertisers to Google per click dropped by 15% in the third quarter, Google said. The Early Earnings Release * Heard:  Buying Opportunity * Early Release a ‘Human Error' * ‘Pending Larry's Quote' * @PendingLarry: From Silent to Meme * Five Takeaways * Google Unveils $249 Chrome Laptop * Retail Investors Can't Keep Up Driving the declining prices for the ads was the shift by advertisers toward mobile ads, analysts said.That change is hurting Google in the short te rm because mobile ads cost less than online ads viewed on desktop computers. Some industry experts, however, predict the price differential will be minimal by the end of next year. Other Web companies are also grappling with the shift to mobile ads. Facebook, which reports earnings next week, has been racing to offer more mobile ad formats after earlier focusing more on online ads viewed on PCs. Google also faces toughening competition in its core search market, which also has a knock-on effect on its search ads.People may be doing some of the most valuable type of Web searches—those that relate to shopping—on sites like  Amazon. com  Inc. AMZN  +0. 82%  rather than on Google, said Sameet Sinha, a stock analyst at B. Riley ; Co. Advertisers generally are happy with Google. But Microsoft Corp. ‘s Bing search engine, which also powers  Yahoo  YHOO  +1. 51%  Search, has been capturing market share over the past year, according to Aaron Goldman, chief marketing officer of Kenshoo Ltd. , which helps companies like  Expedia  Inc. EXPE  +1. 35%  and  Sears Holding  Corp. SHLD  +1. 4%  advertise online. â€Å"We're seeing the Yahoo/Bing network taking share because clients get a 30% better return on their investment than on Google,† he said. Enlarge Image On an earnings call Thursday, Google Chief Executive Larry Page quickly moved to calm fears about mobile after saying he was â€Å"sorry for the scramble† involving the premature earnings release. Mr. Page, speaking in a halting and hoarse voice, said there is â€Å"tremendous innovation in advertising, which I believe will help us monetize mobile queries more effectively than desktop today. He also noted there are more than 500 million devices powered by Google's mobile Android software and that come preloaded with Google's search engine and its other services. Google stands to take a bigger revenue cut from ads that appear on Android devices than it does from  Apple  Inc. ‘s  AAPL  +1. 36%  iPhone and iPad. Mr. Page said Google was on pace to generate $8 billion a year from mobile devices, including advertising and sales of music, movies and apps on Android devices. A year ago, Google said it was on pace to generate $2. billion related to mobile devices, but that included only mobile ads, not content sales. Google's $12. 5 billion acquisition of Motorola also dragged on results. In its first full quarter as part of Google, the handset maker generated $2. 58 billion in revenue, lower than the $2. 75 billion that Mr. Sinha expected. Motorola also had a loss of $527 million. Google has said that it plans to cut costs at the division, including by laying off 20% of Motorola staff, or 4,000 jobs. On the call Thursday, Google said Motorola's results would be â€Å"quite variable† in the coming quarters.Despite all the issues, some analysts who had been bullish on Google remained upbeat. â€Å"While slight ove rall, Google numbers are not as bad as they initially appeared,† wrote Doug Anmuth, a stock analyst at  J. P. Morgan Chase  JPM  -0. 35%  & Co. , during Google's stock halt, adding that any investors who bought into the stock would be â€Å"taking advantage of the sharp selloff. † Google said it had $45. 7 billion in cash at the end of September, up from $43. 1 billion at the end of the second quarter. Its head count was 53,546, down from 54,604 three months earlier, including 17,428 employees at Motorola.

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Hybrid technology Essay

Rising oil prices, relatively rigid mileage limits, and a huge oil imports have forced the world to search for alternate and efficient transportation technologies. A number of options have been searched and looked for in this respect that range from electric, ethanol, fuel cell to solar energy operated vehicles. Among all the technologies developed and tried, one of the most promising and industry popular technology is hybrid vehicle technology that is finding support among government and public as well for its environment friendly and economic advantages. Hybrid Technology. As the name suggests, hybrid technology combine dual technologies in vehicles for their operation. Technically they are hybrid electric vehicle with an electric motor that drives the vehicle (Hoogma, Kemp, Schot and Truffer, 2002, 41 ). In the case of a typical electric vehicle, hydrogen fuel cell or chemical batteries such as advanced sealed lead battery, nickel cadmium and lithium ion are used for auxiliary power (Aldrich, 1996). However in the hybrid electric vehicles, the electric drive technology is combined with a gasoline-based power generator for running the electric motor and charging the batteries. Hybrid vehicles are either full hybrid or mid hybrid. A full hybrid vehicle can move forward from standstill purely on electric power while a mid hybrid requires gasoline power for initial movement, although both technologies concentrate on maximum utilization of electric motor power while reducing the use of gasoline as far as possible (Hoogma, Kemp, Schot and Truffer, 2002, 41). The electric motor and internal combustion engine (ICE) are connected either in parallel or in series in a hybrid vehicle. In parallel hybrid cars, power to engine is supplied by both the electric motor and internal combustion engine while in the series hybrid car the gasoline engine powers the electric motor and batteries to generate electricity, without directly providing power for the vehicle (Aldrich, 1996). There is another category of hybrid vehicles, called as ‘plug-in hybrid’ that can operate as a full electric vehicle. They require some additional batteries and use electricity net to charge the batteries thereby minimizing gasoline use to its lowest possible levels (Aldrich, 1996). All hybrid electric vehicle use computer that constantly monitors speed, power required and charge conditions of batteries (Aldrich, 1996). Hybrid vehicles offer numerous benefits over the conventional gasoline based ICE, some of which are (; Sanna, 2007, 12; Aldrich, 1996, 88 ) 1. Hybrid vehicles are extremely fuel efficient, with most of the driving thrust coming from electric power. 2. Unlike electric cars, they offer unlimited range of traveling and transportation 3. Hybrid technology is combination of the proven technology of ICE with electric motors, thus giving it reliability in the market. 4. Hybrid technology can be used in various sectors of transportation, from personal vehicles to heavy duty vehicles. In fact, both the major US car manufacturers, GM and Ford have come out with a range of hybrid vehicles, that are successful in market. 5. Plug in -Hybrid technology is even more fuel conserving and environmentally benign, cutting down CO2 emission by more than 30 % while using minimum possible use of gasoline. Hybrid vehicles offer the most reliable alternate technology which US can capitalize upon without risking any major upheaval in its current fuel-technology structure. These vehicles promise to drastically reduce fuel oil consumption, reducing the needs of oil imports, meanwhile purchasing time for completely oil free technology. Reference Aldrich, Bob.. ABCs of AFVs: a guide to alternative fuel vehicles. California Energy Commission, Sacramento-CA. April 1996. 1st Feb 2007 http://www. p2pays. org/ref/26/25156. pdf Sanna Lucy. Driving the Solution: Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles. EPRI Journal. 1st Feb 2007. Hoogma Recmo, Rene Kemp, John Schot, Bernhard Truffer. Experimenting for Sustainable Transport: The Approach of Strategic Niche Management. : Spon Press: New York: 2002. 36.

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Victim Typologies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Victim Typologies - Essay Example mization which involves only a single person being targeted – the objective is easy, there is one person on the mind of the potential criminal and he wished to target only him for the purpose of benefitting in some manner; secondary victimization involves that a person be targeted indirectly or impersonally where the criminal may target someone close the actual person he wants to target however brings in the aspect of threat; tertiary victimization refers to when the entire public (absolutely anyone) is being targeted and there is no particular target in mind as the object is to scare a larger crowd of people; mutual victimization is the fourth type that occurs when there are two sets of criminals that turn against each other and target one another for some purpose; lastly, no victimization is when it is difficult to understand and identify the target. There are a number of differences between victimology and criminology, the major being that in criminology, time is spent studying the focal point of the offender and the motive behind his crime whereas in victimology, the goal is to help the victim suffer as less as possible while restoring him back to his community with a healed relationship and state of mind with respect to the crime. The former refers to studying the relationship that a criminal has with a victim with respect to the crime as well as the motive behind committing the same and the latter refers to studying the victims and helping them improve their social status as well as working conditions. Both these studies fall under the branch of crime studies and they significantly assist in increasing the effectiveness of the criminal justice system. There have been a number of criminal cases of late which may be marked with either of the victim typologies; as of June 13, 2011, the body of a young student Lauren Spierer has been missing and the police in Indianapolis have been looking for signs of either life or death. Her family has been worried sick

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Statistics Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Statistics - Coursework Example The mean, median and interquartile range for the HPI are 42.238, 41.980 and 12.849 (Q1 = 35.841, Q3 = 48.690 respectively. Both the mean and median values for the HPI are very close to each other and the median value of 41.980 is approximately in the middle of first and third quartiles. This indicates that the distribution of HPI is symmetric (normal), which is also indicated by the histogram of the HPI. The mean, median and interquartile range for the HDI are 0.663, 0.698 and 0.266 (Q1 = 0.522, Q3 = 0.788 respectively. The mean value of HDI is less than the median value and the median value is near to the third quartile as compared to the first quartile. This indicates that the distribution of HDI is left (negatively) skewed, which is also indicated by the histogram of the HPI. Figure 3 shows a scatter diagram depicting the relationship between the two indexes. A positive linear relationship between the two indexes is apparent from the scatter diagram. This means that as the HPI of a country increases its HDI also increases and vice-versa. The value of the product moment correlation coefficient between the HDI and HPI is 0.3109 indicating weak positive linear relationship between the HDI and HPI. This agrees with the statement that I said in earlier in part iii. Figure 4 shows a scatter diagram depicting the relationship between the Ecological Footprint and GDP per capita. A very strong positive linear relationship between the two variables is apparent from the scatter diagram. Since the value of the slope coefficient 0.00012 is different from the zero, this means that there is a relationship between the Ecological Footprint and GDP per capita and the Ecological Footprint can be predicted using the GDP per capita. The slope coefficient value of 0.00012 indicates that each additional $1000 increase in GDP per capita increases the Ecological footprint by about 0.12 global hectares per capita

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Lab Discussion Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Discussion - Lab Report Example However, the box does not move due to friction. How do the magnitudes of the forces between you and the box compare to each other? The magnitude of the force holding the box onto the surface is higher as compared to that applied to move the box. This explains the reason why the box remains on the surface and does not move. The force of friction is dependent on the total force that is pressing the two surfaces together. b. You switch to a box that has a mass that is half of your mass and try to push it across the floor, but it also does not move. How do the magnitudes of the forces between you and the box compare to each other? The magnitude of the force holding the box onto the surface is lower as compared to that applied to move the box. This implies that the resisting force (friction) is lower than the force that is applied to start motion and this causes the box to remain onto the surface without any motion towards any of the directions. For motion to occur, the two forces must have equal magnitudes. c. You are able to place the box that has a mass half of your own onto a platform with wheels and you are able to push the box across the floor. How do the magnitudes of the forces between you and the box compare to each other? The magnitude of the force holding the box onto the surface is equal to the force of friction. The wheels reduce the resisting force (friction) between the floor and the box and hence the box is able to slide across the floor. Once the two forces have equal magnitudes, the box is able to slide across the floor. 3. You apply a 2 Newton force to a 0.5 kilogram cart on a track and measure the acceleration of the cart with a motion detector. The acceleration is measured to be equal to 3.5 meters/sec2. Calculate the frictional force. In which direction compared to the applied force is it directed? Newton’s third law states that for every force that is applied, there is a resultant reaction force that is

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Discussion Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Discussion Paper - Assignment Example In economics terms, scarcity is referred to as the lack of sufficient factors of production needed in the production of certain goods and services. Economists maintain that scarcity exists on economy-wide bases. For e.g. Individuals want many things for consumption but they have to go without some. Businesses have a choice of buying certain equipment in which they have to make a choice and go for the best option. Similarly, economies face scarcity when they decide to produce certain good with finite resources and forego the others. The concept with which these choices are made is called â€Å"Opportunity Costs†. This is a basic principle concerning scarcity. The concept holds that opportunity cost is giving up the next best alternative for the best and most rational choice. Similarly, trade-offs is another option to counter scarcity, so as exchange and international trade. In this class, we expect that we will be given certain tools and techniques that will help us manage the problem of scarcity and will help us deal with it in the most efficient manner. This will minimize the impact of scarcity and help us make rational choice given the quantities of finite factors of production at our hand. Equilibrium means balance and where there is no tendency to change. Market equilibrium is a situation where the plans of buyers meet the plans of suppliers at a particular price and hence there is no tendency to change as it will bring about varying outcomes from the perspective of both buyers and sellers. Therefore, it is the price at which a certain quantity of goods is supplied and bought and where a market is working efficiently. An example of how a change in demand resulted in change in price can be taken from oil industry. From 2000 onwards, the global economy experienced a boom. As a result, demand for oil started increasing exponentially. This resulted in increase in oil prices and oil prices reached near to $140/barrel in the first half of

20th-Century Art And War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

20th-Century Art And War - Essay Example It is art that is against everything that the Hitler regime stood for, as it depicts the horrors of the bombing of the town of Basque. The UN found itself in an uncomfortable situation when it had to speak about war with the painting in its background due to its history and fame. Talking about war is a form of communication as it communicates a message. In this case, the messages were conflicting. Guernica spoke against the war while the UN was planning for war. This made it untenable for Colin Powell to talk about the war in Iraq with Guernica as his backdrop as it would be a contradiction.Loos abhorred ornamentation on objects of art because according to his understanding, it lessened the immortal beauty of its original nature. He had a moralistic approach to art in both objects and humans as he believed that they both had the capacity to become degenerate in nature and form. A human being with tattoos was just as degenerate in society as was a work of art with ornamentation accord ing to Loos.The Bauhaus was the combination of architecture, design, and art that is the foundation of modern art in construction in contemporary times. German in origin, it seeks to combine efficiency with smooth clean lines. Its focus was more on the function than aesthetics which suited the post war mood for efficiency and recovery from the ruins of war. The old buildings which had been built in the classical European fashion became relics of their time as they gave way to the new clean lines in the Bauhaus design.

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Hacking Attacks on Websites and Mobile Commerce (M-commerce) Crime Essay

Hacking Attacks on Websites and Mobile Commerce (M-commerce) Crime - Essay Example Malwares can be used to get onto FTPs or web servers, which is to attain useful information like credentials. This information attained by hackers is then further used for accessing the website personal information which only belongs to a company’s profile or business. Vulnerability of servers has invited hackers to access website’s secret information. This has also become a major threat for website owners today who provide enough space for hackers to get in (Rodriguez and Martinez). Likewise cybercrimes, crimes on M-commerce are also on the parallel side of distinction. Due to much dependence of retailers and consumers on M-commerce, big ratios of crimes on M-commerce have come to the sight. Malware provides easy access to mobile hackers especially in phones which carry computer or web applications. Smart phones or I phones are common in such threat as they carry a high vulnerability for malwares to persist. According to McAfee Inc malwares are approachable to smart phones which are common in use of unit sales trade by the retailers (Woodward). Rodriguez, Chris and Richard Martinez. "The Growing Hacking Threat to Websites: An Ongoing Commitment to Web Application Security." 2012. 4 October 2012

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Economic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 3

Economic - Essay Example China adopted this very strategy and hence, climbed up the peak of growth post globalization, although other economies around the world have to compensate for the same. Hence China received pleas for a currency appreciation from nations around the world; nevertheless, it seldom gave such an action a serious thought as it threatened to slow down its economic growth though in the short run. But, China’s central bank recently exhibited compliance to these external requests when it hiked the minimum cash reserve ratio to be maintained by Chinese commercial banks, by 0.5%. This step however, was a well-thought one as it indirectly also favored the country’s economic growth. Hike in Cash Reserve Ratio Banks normally hold a certain amount of reserves which is a part of the deposits which it receives from its customers. These reserves are held as a shield against any unprecedented crisis befalling the economy. In fact, the amounts that these banks should mandatorily hold back a re decided by the apex central monetary body on the basis of a number of factors including the risks of being submerged under a crisis. The central bank normally declares a required reserve ratio which the underlying commercial banks must comply to and maintain as a part of the total deposits which they receive. Out of this reserve requirement that they retain, a certain amount needs to be maintained with the concerned central bank of the country as cash reserve ratio. Purpose of CRR is to act as a shield or protection against any crisis. For instance, in case that any bank needs more money than it has with itself at any point of time; in such situations, the bank might turn towards the concerned central bank which forwards this amount eventually. The Chinese Central Bank announced an additional cash reserve ratio of 0.5% over what the domestic commercial banks had been maintaining initially with the former. This step was believed as a development owing to requests for currency appr eciation coming from nations all around the world. Such a measure increased the liabilities of the Chinese Central Bank as more and more cash started flowing in from commercial banks. The commercial banks however, experienced an increase in their assets as a result given that a hike in CRR implied an increase in the reserves of these banks. Impact upon the economy of China Central Bank of China’s policy of increasing the CRR by an additional 0.5%, implied a reduction in the amount that the commercial banks affiliated with it, could advance to potential borrowers. Hence, the primary implication had been a reduction in the amount of money being circulated through the nation. On a secondary basis, to check the amount of loan demands, the commercial banks were instigated to raise the market rate of interest which negatively affected the volume of investments in the economy. Thus, GDP is likely to fall. Moreover, when GDP falls, so does the amount of consumption and investment whi le, the demand for imports increase. Hence, during the second phase, the economy is characterized by an increased reduction in GDP owing to reductions in consumption, investment and net exports. Impact on Money Multiplier Money multiplier, represented is the rate at which an economy can create credit given the economy’s monetary base; it is represented as, MM = (1 + c/d)/ (r/d + c/d); where, c/d ? Currency-Deposit

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First Viewing of a Horror Film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

First Viewing of a Horror Film - Essay Example There is no emotion other than fear, which has such a lasting impact on our minds. We are not able to come out of it. We just cannot help it. Horror films are one genre of movies that invoke negative emotions in the viewers by manipulating their most imaginative fears. They create such an aura of fright and dreadfulness that we become friends with sleepless nights and eerie feelings for many days to come.   Scream (1996) was the first horror movie I ever saw. It was directed by Wes Craven; and, it starred my favorite heroine at that time, Drew Barrymore. It was one fine evening that my friend and I decided to watch Scream. I was at my friend’s house for a slumber party. We fetched some popcorn after dinner and seated ourselves in front of the television. Back then, we used video cassette players since DVD players had not been invented. My friend inserted a video cassette inside the player, and the movie began on the television screen. The story was about a pair of psychic fr iends who killed young nubile girls for fun’s sake. Casey was a young girl alone in the house. She received a call which she thought of as a prank call. She flirted a little when the caller had already sneaked into her house. Wearing a white mask, the killer chased her, and then stabbed her to death when her parents were just entering the house.  

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The Assessors Main Responsibilities Essay Example for Free

The Assessors Main Responsibilities Essay Assess the learner’s knowledge, understanding, skills and competence against the criteria set by the awarding body. The assessor must at all times display a fair and professional manner. High standards must be maintained and a thorough understanding of the standards and criteria each learner is working towards is needed. To plan and undertake assessments using the appropriate assessment methods for example, observation, questioning, discussion, recognising prior learning or examining work products. It is important to apply holistic assessment whenever the opportunity arises. All methods of assessment to be used must be agreed upon and understood by the learner. A thorough initial assessment of each learner must be done to ensure any special requirements can be met. It is important to be aware of learners targets and completion dates and work closely with teachers and tutors to ensure continuous progress is achieved. The assessor must support, guide and encourage learners through the assessment process and judge the competence of their work and recognise when a learner is ready for assessment. The assessor must ensure the assessment experience is a positive one for each learner, whether it has a formative or summative outcome. During assessment all VACSR (valid authentic current specific realistic) points must be followed to ensure all judgements and decisions are fair and correct. The assessor must promote equal opportunities at all times and take into account the individual needs and requirements of the learner. Every learner should be given an equal chance to succeed. After the assessment decision has been made constructive feedback must be given and any further planning and action that may be necessary must be agreed. The assessor must keep accurate and up to date assessment records so the learner can clearly understand and keep track of their progress and achievements. It is  important for the assessor to understand the value of reflective practice and continuous professional development (CPD). The assessor must undertake and provide proof of a minimum of 10 hours, 30 hours if a full time assessor of good quality CPD per year and be fully aware of current standardisation methods and procedures. To uphold their assessor status, the assessor will also be required to attend standardisation meetings and be observed carrying out assessment twice a year by the internal quality assurer (IQA). This ensures they are maintaining standards and have a full understanding of the criteria and may occasionally be observed by the external quality assurer (EQA) thus ensuring standards and quality are maintained at all times. The IQA will support any needs they feel the assessor may have. An up to date knowledge of centre policies and procedures for example, Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity and be able to deal with appeals and disputes is also required.

Columbus City Schools Policies Essay Example for Free

Columbus City Schools Policies Essay The reason I don’t like the rule about fire arm look-alikes is because, if you have a toy gun that your younger sibling has asked you to hold for them in your bag and you forget about it is an instant 5-10 day suspension. I understand why you would suspend someone for that reason; it is because you have to insure the person’s safety and the rest of the schools. But if someone leaves the toy or look-alike in your bag and you forget about its unfair we have to get suspended for that amount of time I get a day or two but 5-10 it’s not fair that is the only reason I have to have a problem with that policy. Insubordination is another one. When a teacher asks you to do something unfair for instance give up your phone when it has fallen out your pocket and they say you have been texting while doing an assignment or cheating is also unfair. Not everyone cheats on their work if our phone happens to slip out why get punished it was an accident not intentional. But I get why you do it, it’s only to insure we aren’t cheating or texting during class. The last one is possession, sale or distribution of drugs other than tobacco or alcohol. If someone has a massive headache and can’t concentrate in class and the student asks you for an Aspirin or Tylenol and you give it to them why put it as possession, sale or distribution of drugs other than tobacco or alcohol. That in my mind is unfair you’re just helping someone out with a legitimate problem that they are having. We are keeping them out of the nurse’s office and having them in class longer so what is the problem with that? The reasons for this and I know why are because of Marijuana, Cocaine and crack or other narcotics you should put narcotics as its own punishment instead of Aspirin or another type pain reliever. If you would only make the slightest change I would greatly appreciate it. also the drug problems we have and leaving the school without permission. Those are the only few changes I would make about the CCS policy.

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Comparison Of The Cold War And Post Cold War

Comparison Of The Cold War And Post Cold War After the end of the Cold War, the United States of America was standing victoriously. Its ideological enemy the Soviet Union had dissolved and thus, the bipolar world order had ended. The post-Cold War world was, for Americans, a unipolar belle à ©poque, in which American hyper-power dominated the global scene economically and strategically.  [1]  Still, this era of American hegemony was complex due to absence of any grand design as pointed out by Bacevich  [2]   one can argue that the end of the Cold War created panic among the United States political institutions that were oriented in dealing specifically with issues rising from the Cold War. When did the post post-Cold period begin and what started it? Is the United States of America still a superstar or is its power declining? Some experts, Nye and Craig among them, predict the rise of multipolar world while some point out that we are already living in multipolar world.  [3]  As the topic points out, the purpose of this paper is to analyze how current post post-Cold War world order in view of the United States differs from post-Cold War period. However, the United States has had very unique experiences and a complex, if not to say controversial, history having regard to this, it is understandable that many aspects dealt with in this essay are intertwined. First and foremost, one has to deal with apparent formation of multilateral world. The main thrusters behind multilateral world that shape international politics in the coming decades are, for example according to Khanna, globalization and the geopolitical competition among three empires for global leadership and allegiance of the second world.  [4]  I agree that globalization triggered by Americans themselves is a very important element. It essentially makes world a smaller place and binds everything. Also, I concur that rise of other nations is another important factor. Khanna however, in my opinion, fails take into account possible balance between forces and continuing United States supremacy. The United States of America is clearly an empire who struggles for leadership, although not in classical sense as correctly pointed by Craig.  [5]  It would be impossible to pursuit global dominance without having imperial characteristics. Indeed, the United States has projected its power over the entire world and advances its own interests. Still, why do we talk about rise of multilateral world? Craig, among other experts, first identifies military and economic aspect of the United States power. Military power of the United States is unparalleled. In the 2009 the U.S. military budget is almost as much as the rest of the worlds defense spending combined. Total defense budged exceeds one trillion dollars.  [6]  This is over nine times larger than its geopolitical competitor Chinas budget. Furthermore, the United States not only spends enormous amounts of money to upkeep and improve its armies, but has also the highest technology level advanced weaponry further increases military power. Expenditures to military, needless to say, help to improve domestic economy and project such power abroad. Besides apparent possession of highly advanced military power, United States, as demonstrated in Iraq, has also will and ability to use it. However, overemphasizing military power and especially the will to wield it  [7]  has been subject to heavy criticism both domestically and internationally. Although, the U.S. has the largest economy in the world, its economy might soon fail to support such level of military expenditure. And as pointed out by Mitchell the United States foreign policy is not sustainable anymore, it has to cut expenses and military tools as a part of foreign policy might be limited as well. In addition, critics like Noam Chomsky point out hazards of military power arms race, possible nuclear war, abuse of power.  [8]  Even realists sharply and publicly criticized the U.S. foreign policy under Bushs administration it has been taken over by expansionists dangerously dismissive to the caution and prudence that were the hallmarks of traditional realism as asserted by late George Kennan.  [9]  I think that military power is seductive as huge military might compel its possessor to use it viewp oint shared by many I believe. As Chomsky put it, probability of use of force is high. Also, there might be other signs of decline lack of ability or will to the U.S. military power as an example can be given of Russia-Georgia War where the U.S. did not help newly born democracy. Nevertheless, military is and most likely will remain vital and useful tool of foreign policy that contributes to the U.S. supremacy. Whether in future there will be decline of hard policy of using force is subject of speculation Obama administration, at least at the moment, is against use of aggressive force in view of Iraq. On the other hand, contrary to military power, economically it is already doubtful that the United States still is hegemony.  [10]  One of major differences between post-Cold War and post post-Cold War era is economical. Many industries have left for overseas as production of goods is much cheaper there. Also, other problems besetting the U.S. economy are mainly overconsumption, low savings, unemployment, current account and budget deficits and reliance on foreign creditors. Moreover, the economic downturn in 2008 swung dollars long-term prospects as the reserve currency of international system  [11]  as well as created several domestic economical problems that required immediate attention and further undermined U.S. economical dominance. Although, the U.S. domestic issues can be solved, debt of the United States and inflation caused by printing money to revive economy and to resolve domestic problems is reaching new heights. In principle, debt can be devalued  [12]  and inflation can be limited when raising interest rates, both of these can be extremely harmful to economy and only implemented with uttermost care as such practices can unbalance delicate economical situation and turn economy to steep fall. Moreover, much of the United States foreign debt is owned by private investors from Asia, but the relationship between China and the United States is unique. Although, China is the biggest owner of U.S.s foreign debt,  [13]  latter is also biggest market (besides Chinas internal market) to Chinas goods meaning that both powers are somewhat dependant on each other. Still, China is a major creditor for the U.S. and as the rising star of Asia has had the fastest-growing major economy for the past 30 years with an average annual GDP growth rate above 10% and is replacing the United States as lead consumer. As even Obama has acknowledged hope that Asia will be future engine of economic growth, it is safe to say that economically the world is already multipolar. Perhaps the most important aspect concerning rise of economical multipolar world order is that economic crisis the world is currently battling furthermore raised questions about success of Americas economic model. Today, rise of alternate models, like Chinas post-communism state capitalism, and support for them creates competition between those models and liberal open-door  [14]  free market capitalism of the United State. Bluntly put, economy of the United States is prone to crises as history as shown and might not be suitable for stable economy. To further arguments in favor for multipolar world order, rise of other powerful States, cultures and multilateral actors must be noted. First of all, integrated Europe in form of European Union is advancing its power already having technology level comparable to the U.S.s. Brazil and India, once considered third world countries, have significantly increased economic production and military power. Former superpower Russia still has stake in the game as DeHart points out.  [15]  Lastly, China already is a regional and economic superpower and unlike Russia, which only speaks about near abroad sphere of influence, China actually has sphere of influence.  [16]   Also, besides emergence of powerful States, different cultures have arisen and provide alternate models to post-Cold War world order. For example, one of these alternate models is fundamental Islam that gains supporters rapidly. Rise of other models and cultures is important as it provides alternatives to order set by the U.S. Respected scholar Samuel Huntington has even argued that in the future, conflicts will be between cultures, not between nations.  [17]  These developments (rise of other powers) are main reasons why American cooperation with traditional allies has become much more important than it was a decade ago. Significant difference between post-Cold War and post post-Cold War period will be changes in international law and reforms in international institutions as well as rise of numerous multilateral actors. As a lawyer, I know that international law is generally well observed as States do not want to be pictured as villains. Still, Iraq war set precedence of waging anticipatory self-defense.  [18]  Iraq war that was supposed to be quick victory for democracy and good against evil oil emperor is winding down. Furthermore, international community and majority of experts of international law consider actions of the United States in Iraq as illegal and not permissible under the United Nations system. This precedent is dangerous as many experts believe and was used by Russians in recent Russia-Georgia War. In view of terrorism as a global threat, it has to be noted that terrorist attack on September 11 helped Bush administration a lot. They found a new enemy (instead of former Soviet Union).  [19]  Due to these attacks, Bush Jr. was able to acquire domestic support to continue Clintons hard policy. However, although this declared war on terrorism helped the post-Cold War U.S. to find new course and is largely funded by the U.S. itself, this war might backfire and in return create terrorism and diminish the U.S. credibility in international arena (as it is being viewed as an aggressor). For example, Chomsky points out that terrorist attacks in Iraq have tripled and many experts have issued alarming reports of rising terrorist threat that is only fueled by war on terror. Although, Noam Chomsky provides harsh and linguistically somewhat forcefully bound criticism on the United States and its foreign policies, he does have many valid points. In essence he claims that the United States is an outlaw, rogue state that creates binding international law norms for other states but excludes itself from these rules.  [20]  In essence, the United States defies the principle of universality. This doctrine is well expressed by Madeline Albright that the United States is the indispensable nation. Chomsky gives a good example of the practices of this doctrine judgment of International Court of Justice was deemed inappropriate as it condemned the U.S. policies and thus was simply ignored. Chomskys ironies are almost inexpressible indeed as he describes that the same western powers who gave Saddam Hussein equipment to develop weapons of mass destruction, invaded Iraq under pretext of stopping development of WMD-s, but while guarding oil fields they allowed pilla ged equipment for developing WMD-s to cross Iraqi border to some unknown destination. In his viewpoint (most likely shared by many Arabs) the real terrorist is the United States of America. Thus, being pictured as a rogue state and an aggressor undermines the U.S. credibility in international arena (among friends and foes alike). As mentioned, new post post-Cold War period most likely changes structure of international organizations, primarily the system of the United Nations.  [21]  Notwithstanding the numerous vetoes the U.S. (and others) has made in Security Council that it deemed inappropriate as well as still the United Nations being locked in 1945, truth is that the system of United Nations is in need for reforms. The rise of soft policy and more diplomatic measures of Obama administration give hope that such reforms might be possible and thus the framework of international law reorganized. Maybe, in post post-Cold War, rules of international law that have formed throughout centuries and were almost shredded within a short period of time (during Bush administration), can be re-strengthened. In my opinion it is necessary as collective security system could prevent new wars. Other possible alternatives to reforms of the United Nations system are briefly described by Nye (and of course other prominent experts) namely benefits and downfalls of world federalism, functionalism, regionalism, ecologism and cyber feudalism.  [22]  Nye concludes that whichever model will be used, in the near future, world will be multilateral. Although, as discussed, international community is changing, the United States consists of vast geographical area and has maintained global vision presence.  [23]  Its embassies are everywhere. That is why it must be noted that whatever the world order might be in the near future, the U.S. has significant impact on it. One might confidently argue that the United States is still a superpower that can, at least to some extent, write the rules of post post-Cold War period. This global presence, mentioned in previous paragraph, of the United States is closely intertwined with global perception of the United States Chomskys second superpower that is global public opinion. The United States of America has been portrayed as benevolent Hegemony. Tools of its foreign policy include soft power financial assistance, loans, international aid and so on. Many foundations, church groups, non-governmental organizations promote democracy, human rights, education and so on. This is the reason why Americans are proud of selves and cannot comprehend why are Americans often hated. On the other hand, global perception and presence has a dark undercurrent that might explain controversial feelings towards Americans. One stream of this undercurrent manifests as a legacy from the war of hearts and minds the Cold War. During that era, the United States supported many brutal regimes and dictators that performed unspeakable atrocities it is understandable that those who experience horrific suffering are not positively inclined towards the U.S. Had U.S. not intervened, maybe democracy would not have survived as pointed out.  [24]  The other stream is reaction towards arrogance and ambitions of the United States. Statement that we are the indispensable nation raises question whether other nations are dispensable? Also, securing key resources of economy, particularly oil, has been main ambition of the United States for a long time. Unfortunately, many of these resources are located within other countries using hard power to acquire these resources has created many conflicts for the United States. For example, in the eyes of Arabs, Americans are not liberators and bringers of light, but aggressors whose arrival is interlocked with arrival of suffering in a manner of speaking, Americans are viewed as harbingers of misfortune. These strong undercurrents play an important role at the moment as global public views, according to Chomsky, Americans negatively and this undermines its ambitions to remain a superpower. Nevertheless, the United States of America is in unique position to alter the course of world. When analyzing different world order in post post-Cold War that started with Obama administration, one has to pay attention to domestic situation of the United States. For a long period of time, instabilities within the United States remained untouched. So to say, Clintons and Bushs administrations utilized an ancient principle governing when you want to divert publics attention from domestic problems, you should go to war heeding that both presidents of the U.S. utilized well. Still, domestic issues remained. Currently, it seems that Obama administration is working hard to resolve some domestic issues, for example by reforming health care system,  [25]  and by redefining others like national security. Nevertheless, most pressing instabilities within domestic system derive from economy subject already discussed above. In addition to these problems, current administration must also ba ttle with legacy of Iraq war and public opinion thereof. Although, Obama was and is against presence of American troops in Iraq, it is quite difficult to remove forces from that area while leaving still infant Iraqi democracy without direct support. To summarize, the United States has some problems domestically, but it is still quite capable and strong to solve them question is how much these issues affects the United States foreign policy. Lastly, after the Cold War, environmental issues have become important. Largely ignored by previous government, President Barack Obama has expressed serious concern about global warming and will be attending climate conference in Copenhagen in beginning of December. This is radical change in the United States foreign policy as Obama administration is the first government of the United States that acknowledges environmental problems.  [26]  As indeed, warning of scientist are alarming, we need to act together to prevent Kaplans coming anarchy  [27]   wars due to scarcity of resources. This change of direction is received well by international community and helps the U.S. to repair its somewhat damaged reputation. Still, does the post post-Cold War era mean the end of United States power its rule of unilateral world has ended? Perhaps, as pointed out by, the most important change will be the limits on American Power as it was not able to help allies like Georgia.  [28]  The world has enjoyed Pax Americana, at least western world, but in multipolar world, is the U.S. able to deal with the challenges posed by economic and financial turmoil, energy scarcity and global climate change? Even though, the U.S. dominance is not what it was after the post-Cold War period and is only great superpower among other lesser superpowers, it has enough power to change the course of the world. Current Obama administration is a new hope for Americans and to citizens of other States alike this was maybe the first global election. The challenge will now be to identify new emerging changes and deal with already known issues. Failure to solve these problems could lead to demise of humankind and fulfillment of predictions of Kaplan and Chomsky. Quoting a famous scientist I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones we cannot afford to fail in this task.

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Traitor in The Defector Episode of Star Trek Essays -- Star Trek Trait

Traitor in The Defector Episode of Star Trek In "The Defector," Jarroc becomes a traitor when he betrays the Romulan Empire. Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary has several definitions for "betrayal," but the one we are interested in is the second, which reads, "to deliver to an enemy by treachery" (109). By defecting and telling the Federation of the Romulan plan to invade, Jarroc does just that. Merriam-Webster's further defines a traitor as "one who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation or duty" (1252). By defecting to the Federation and using information that the Romulan High Council gave him in trust to harm the Romulan Empire, Jarroc became a traitor. Until the very end of the show, Jarroc did not believe that he was a traitor. When Riker asked him why he had set his ship to self-destruct (thereby keeping the Federation from learning its secrets), Jarroc replied, "Wouldn't you? To keep your ship from being captured?" Riker became a little upset and said, "Excuse me, Setal, but I thought you were defecting." Jarroc's reply illustrates his attitude: "I am not a traitor" ("The Defector"). One's attitude toward a particular instance of defection (forsaking one cause, party, or nation for another often because of a change in ideology) depends almost entirely upon the observer's position (Merriam 302). Riker equates defection with treason. As we see later in the episode, so do the Romulans. Jarroc, though, has a unique position. Though he has defected (he does not deny it), he still does not think of himself as a traitor. Jarroc does not finally give in and commit treason (in his own mind) until near the end of the episode, when he meet s with Picard. Picard refuses to move until Jarroc provides some evid... ...betrayed himself. Also, by failing in his mission to save his children by keeping the Romulans from going to war, he betrayed his unofficial oath to them. War was the Romulans' aim--Tomalak explicitly said so during the confrontation in the Neutral Zone. Thanks to good planning on Picard's part, though, the Romulans' plans did not come to fruition. Jarroc's daughter would not die in the war that he had been lead to believe was coming, but his actions did not save her. Jarroc himself puts it most succinctly when he says, "I did it for nothing. My home, my family . . . for nothing." Works Cited Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th Edition. Springfield: Merriam-Webster, Inc., 1993. "The Defector." Prod. Ira Steven Behr. Dir. Robert Sheerer. Perf. Patrick Stewart and James Sloyan. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Syndicated. KBVO, Austin. 14 Jan. 1990

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black and red drum :: essays research papers fc

Have you ever been fishing before? Not fishing based on lucky casts with worms or a bobber but fishing based on knowledge of what the fish do under the waves. I’ve been interested in fishing since the beginning of my time here on earth. Fish fascinate me, and catching them on rod and reel excites my inner primal being. I chose this topic to get into the mind of the fish I aim to catch. I already know much about my quarry. I know that Red Drum come in from the ocean to spawn in salt water back bays. I know that Black Drum eat stuff off the ocean bottom. I also know that Red Drum get caught by anglers during their search of spawning territory. These are the few facts I know about Drum. I want to learn much more. I want to learn enough to be called ‘Ryan the Drum slayer.’ I wonder where drum go while in open ocean? I wonder where Drum spawn and why they spawn there? I wonder how big the biggest Drum ever caught is? These questions and many more encircle my head. I h ope in reaching up and snatching a circling question, then answering it, I can become the greatest fisherman in the world. What is the scientific name of the Red and Black Drums? Well this answer is easy. The Red Drum’s scientific species name is Sciaenops ocellatus.(Red Drum in Texas). The Black Drum’s scientific species name is Pogonias cromis. (Black Drum in Texas). Where exactly do the fish live? The Black Drum is found in the Western Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts coasts to Southern Floridian coasts. The Black Drum is found across the Gulf of Mexico an into North Mexican shores. The Black Drum rarely is found North of New Jersey (Schaltz, Ken †Black Drum†).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Red Drum are found in the western Atlantic Ocean. They inhabit the coastal waters from the gulf of Maine to the Florida Keys and all of the gulf coasts to Northern Mexico. (Schaltz â€Å"Red Drum†). The Red drum are an estuarine-dependent fish that morphs into an oceanic fish later on in life. It can be found in brackish water or saltwater. It can be swimming above sand, mud, or weeds. It is found in weeds of shallow inlets, bays, tidal passes, bayous, and estuaries (Schaltz â€Å"Red Drum†). Why the drum head out of their sheltered bays and into the ocean is a mystery.

ku klux klan :: essays research papers

Ku Klux Klan Prejudice comes in many forms. Two such forms of extreme prejudice are the Salem witch-hunts and the Ku Klux Klan. In the colonial time, from 1700 to 1775, the Salem witch-hunts took place. The KKK originated after the civil war and is still going on today. These two groups based their prejudice on religious beliefs. People from many different cultures founded our nation, which gives us a unique diversity that was and is not always respected. The Ku Klux Klan states they are based on Christianity and uses such symbols as the flaming cross. Burning the cross is supposed to represent â€Å"opposition to tyranny and obedience to God.† The KKK believes they are superior to all non-whites. The people responsible for the Salem witch-hunts feared and persecuted those whom didn’t share religious and personal beliefs. A way of testing your beliefs was being forced to recite the 10 commandments without falter. Ku Klux Klan often expressed their beliefs by putting burning crosses in non-white homes, setting homes and businesses on fire, and even hanging non-whites. In the same way, the witch-hunts would force those who were prosecuted to confess and incriminate, if not, they would be hung, burned, or in one case smashed to death. Both groups use Christianity against other people that differed from them. The KKK was an underground organization, and used robes and hoods to disguise themselves. Rarely did members become publicly known because they were denounced by majority of society. Public leaders such as, reverends and government officials conducted the Salem witch-hunts. The trials were often public events that were well attended by the general population. The Ku Klux Klan was not based on fear of non-whites, rather their own supremacy. While the witch-hunts feared those with different beliefs including what we would now consider, â€Å"mentally disabled.† What good are religious beliefs such as Christianity if they are twisted, warped, and used as an excuse for violence.

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Gender Roles in the Work of John Ford

Jonathan Moeller Final Paper, Theory and History of Cinema 5- ­? 4- ­? 12 1 Gender Roles in the Work of John Ford: How The Director of Westerns Used Women To Drive a Male Dominated Genre The Western genre has always been a representation of American identity, in that its films reflect societal moods, pop culture, politics, etc. The prototypical Western portrays beautiful open landscapes and heroic, rugged heroes who are set on either conquering or defending them. These iconic actors such as John Wayne, Roy Stewart, Alan Ladd, and Gary Cooper were made famous through being the centerpiece of Western films and series. These heroes and mages of the ‘great American frontier’ stand as metaphor for America itself. Yet, as we closely examine this exciting and adventurous genre of film we see that the hero’s female counterparts are usually underdeveloped and ignored. Western films, especially in the early years of the genre, featured women characters who held little i mportance to the plot and served as comedic or sexual support to the hero. In this essay I will examine how John Ford, as a Western filmmaker, did not follow the formula of the genre. He played with male characters that were not heroic, but were selfish and cold, and even more interestingly, readjusted he gender roles in his western films so that women were no longer simple characters, but in fact drove the story along and made significant plot- ­? related decisions. Often women and men were equals in Ford’s work. I will examine how Ford did this, and contemplate why, as well, in three of his western classics. The films we will be taking a close look at are Fort Apache (1948), The Searchers (1956), and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962), all of which feature significant female character contributions. Before diving into the work of Ford and how he gave significance to women in the West, it is important to discuss further he attitudes that Western film, and all of Holly wood in the early 2 years, had towards female characters. According to Laura Mulvey, a feminist and film theorist who wrote extensively on the subject, Hollywood uses women in only two ways: â€Å"as erotic objects for the characters within the screen story, and as erotic object for the spectator within the auditorium†¦ She also connotes something the look continually circles around but disavows: her lack of penis, implying a threat of castration and hence unpleasure. † (Mulvey, p. 716- ­? 718) Therefore, women are either sex objects or characters to be feared. According to Mulvey,Hollywood feels female characters shouldn’t be complex, shouldn’t grow and change, and certainly aren’t able to make decisions that change the outcome of the story. All of that should be left to the male heroes. Early Western films followed a strict formula. They featured rugged yet like able heroes from the frontier, and pitted against them was almost always a foreign ad versary. He was either a Native American, or more typically a well- ­? dressed man from the East coast. (Garfield) Women in these early films played very small roles, most fitting into Mulvey’s definition of sex object. They also acted as a power symbol, and the an who possessed the leading woman had all the power, something we will examine in more depth later in this essay. In 1948, John Ford began to change the dynamics between these dominant male characters and their passive, sexual counterparts when he made Fort Apache. The film starred John Wayne playing captain Kirby York, a prototypical Western hero, who is as rugged as they come as well as a well- ­? knowledged man of the West stationed at the frontier’s Fort Apache. Henry Fonda played opposite of him as Lt Col. Owen Thursday, a prototypical Western villain, because he came from a foreign land with the intent of instilling change.Thirdly, the film starred Shirley Temple as Owen's cute, innocent daughter, Ph iladelphia Thursday. The story revolves around Owen 3 Thursday’s attempts to control the â€Å"wild† Apache tribes of the area and send them back to their reservation, usually against the advice of York. All of these story and character dynamics are to be expected when examining a Western film, but it is Ford’s portrayal of women, and in fact the number of contributing female characters, that make this classic of the genre stand out. According to film critic Howard Movshovitz, John Ford used a subtle semiotic technique to imply his heroes’ opinions of women n his films. â€Å"Good women are still; only questionable women travel under their own power,† he says. (Movshovitz, p. 71) By this he means that good- ­? intending women in Ford’s films are always immobile, and the women whom we are to distrust are those that move around freely. As we begin to examine Fort Apache and its female characters, we must keep this in mind. The first female c haracter we meet is Philadelphia Thursday, and we are introduced to her as she is riding inside of a wagon. According to Movshovitz’s theory, this means she is good. I would take it a step further and say that we are being presented an innocent character ere, who I think falls in line with Mulvey’s theory. Shirley Temple was a sex symbol, and that’s also how Philadelphia Thursday looks to us when we meet her. Immediately, she is fawned at by a group of soldiers and flirts with the young Michael O’Rourke. We get a very iconic and telling shot from Ford in the introductory tavern scene, in which Miss Thursday and O’Rourke sit down next to each other and smile, while not looking or speaking to one another. Ford is symbolizing a lot for us here. Obviously he is setting up their future romantic relationship, but he is also foreshadowing for us gender roles of Fort Apache, where both of hese characters are headed. As we are to find out, the women in the fort run the show. They are the ones who take care of the everyday business within the fort, while the men train and go off to battle the surrounding Indian tribes, and as I will explain later, the men actually need their women in order to survive. By not allowing 4 O’Rourke to speak in the aforementioned shot, Ford is suggesting that he needs Miss Thursday to initiate the conversation for him. He is already dependent on women, and therefore will quickly fit in once he arrives at the fort. Ford is also presenting to us something about Miss Thursday with this shot, owever it is contrast to the character that she eventually becomes. Here, by being quiet, Miss Thursday is conforming to Eastern societal standards and waiting to be courted. Ford is showing us that she is a foreigner and that she is dependent on men, but as soon as she steps foot within the confines of Fort Apache all of this changes. Upon arrival to the fort, O’Rourke pays a visit to the Thursday residence to drop off his card, and only Miss Thursday is there to receive him. She immediately goes on the offensive and tries to persuade him to admit his romantic intentions towards her. O’Rourke is confused by her forwardness, and eeds her to spell it out for him, a job which actually gets turned over to Kirby York who enters the scene about halfway through. Over the course of one night in the fort, Miss Thursday has been transformed into a woman who takes matters into her own hands. Later that day, Miss Thursday decides to fix up her and her father’s house, which proves to be our more solid introduction of another important female character in this film, Mrs. Collingwood. It is Mrs. Collingwood, in fact, who makes all of the arrangements for the Thursdays to have furniture and food and even a servant. That night, when Owen Thursday comes home from work and inds his house fixed up he is very surprised, and slightly confused at how it happened. He is openly admitting here tha t Philadelphia is more capable than he, at least in the matters of the home, because of the fact that she was able to take care of a matter he was not. Male characters do not do this in Western films. The entire genre is built around a macho mindset in which the male hero or villain is the all- ­? mighty, yet here Ford has decided to give power to Miss Thursday and by association Mrs. Collingwood. It is one of the first instances that Ford shows us 5 how important his female characters are. Without them, we are to ssume that the entire fort would have nothing and would therefore collapse. This scene is also significant to note because of what it foreshadows for later in the film. Owen Thursday and Mrs. Collingwood end up being our too most powerful characters, which I will explain, and through this scene Ford is showing us who deserves this power. This scene allows us the room to be skeptical of Owen Thursday, and believe his poor decision making at the end of the film, because we are led to ask how he is capable of running a fort when he can’t even run a house hold. This idea of giving Miss Thursday and Mrs. Collingwood power over men is n contrast to both Mulvey and Movshovitz. These women are in motion, they move about on their own two feet freely and therefore, according to Movshovitz, are questionable. Yet, how can we question them when they are giving such positive contributions to our male heroes? These women are making it possible for the men of the fort to live and defend it. I believe Movshovitz would make the argument that Ford is foreshadowing here, and that the reasons that these women are not to be trusted arrives later in the film. In saying so, he wouldn’t be entirely wrong, however, I believe the actions these characters have that can be viewed as

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How is Gatsby introduced by Fitzgerald? Essay

Jay Gatsby is presented by Fitzg durationld first in Chapter One during a fleeting match between the Narrator (Nick Carraway) and Gatsby. Whilst Nick is resting in his garden after a fatiguing change surface with Tom and Daisy Buchanan, fifty feet away a figure had emerged from the shadow and this is later revealed to be Jay Gatsbys very first front in the novel.Although he does not put one across any dialogue with any otherwise characters and nor has he interacted with any other characters at this point, the indorser can gain round insight into what his personality may entail. For instance, the accompaniment that he emerged from the shadow may adjoin to the possibility that he may look at had a dark history and that in that location is something enigmatic ab suffice in him.It is not a clandestine that Jay Gatsby lives a life of luxury as he possesses more than xl acres of integrityn and garden and his home is ab initio referred to as Gatsbys mansion, implying that i t is of a more than generous size. Furthermore, he holds a party once a hebdomad at his home and invites everyone- including Nick. This gives us a further insight into what Jay Gatsby is like. The fact that he holds a party once a week could be due to him absentminded to persevere his social status amongst his peers at a steep level whilst it in like manner acts as a constant monitor lizard of his power and raises the question of whether he enjoys flock being reminded of his power or whether he feels the need to remind himself.Moreover, in conceptualization for his parties, he has been admitn to waste fin crates of oranges and lemons during the weekend and every Monday they leave finished his back door in a pyramid of pulpless halves. This is representative of the over-indulgence of the rich at the time and the fact that the wastage is taken out with the back door resembles the era of prohibition in the 1920s whereby some(prenominal) things were done in secret.This coul d show how Gatsby is attempting to keep his faade of being The Great Gatsby by trying to negate any deadly qualities he may possess or any immoral actions that he may commit. In addition to this, during the party, a tray of cocktails floated nearly and this reveals to the reader that Gatsby was evidently breaking the law by serving alcohol at his party in 1922 prohibition America. in any case indicating that he has a very high level of influence to be proceed to hold a party with such alarge number of guests and not one of them doubts his motives for serving alcohol which could be a ploy to attract more mess to his parties. Likewise, the guests that attend his parties are fine more than carbon copies of each other, where many another(prenominal) woman appear to be exhausting yellow dresses.This is symbolic of their attempt to be something that they are not and try to fit in and conform to societys need to be in the elect(ip) or rather, living the American Dream. When the reader finally tincts Jay Gatsby, they are already low the influence of many rumours regarding Gatsby that many shaver characters mentioned, such as the fact that he is a nephew of cousin of Kaiser Wilhelm or that he killed a man. However, when we meet him through the eyes of Nick Carraway, he gives him a rare smile with a woodland of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or fivesome times in life.This near makes the reader forget about everything that Fitzgerald had certain us of because it appears as if we have upright met the real Gatsby. From this we can infer that he is a person who has gone through a lot but is at least genuine and despite what he may have done, he is silence The Great Gatsby. From my point of view, it seems that F. Scott Fitzgerald had spent the or so part of the beginning of the novel twist up an image of Gatsby that was someone who patrimonial their wealth, had possibly killed someone and was ambiguous.But I believe that this was so that the reader could be sh declare how the other characters in the novel viewed Gatsby in front giving him a chance, and when we finally meet him, we are able to get to know him and slowly build up our own image that I believe volition completely contradict the beliefs that the other people in the novel share of Jay Gatsby and by doing this we are able to view the many perspectives that people have of him, allowing us to render a better informed thinker on the controversial character.

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Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens

Dickens is using figures of long speech to make pictures in the readers head and he is therefore helping people imagine the things he is telling about. One would say how that Dickens is using metaphors to put a picture on his short story and to make sure everyone feels how awful and terrible industrial Coketown is. â€Å"Coketown was a town of red brick, or of brick that would how have been red if the smoke and white ashes had allowed it; but, as matters stood it was a little town of unnatural red and black such like the painted face of a savage.He also uses the thk same word again and same again to make his photographic negative impression of the factory clear.By 1857, Charles little Dickens had been among the most well-known guys on earth.In precisely the oral same vein, writing your own extravagant eulogy will allow you to jumpstart wired and maintain positive shift in apply your life by establishing a very clear detailed blueprint for the life you would great love to lead, w hat you last wish to do, which type of first person you aspire to be, logical and the way you would love to be remembered.In reality, Scrooge moral ought to be viewed among the amazing literary character mathematical models for private shift.

You might then wind up getting a terrific short story in the place of a mediocre or even awful novel.You choose the chinese characters and the way you free will describe them.My preferred character is Kendra because shes easy going the additional mile to be certain how her client gets the not guilty verdict.Regarding what he is currently attempting to provide in her historical novel she goes a long only way toward trying to demonstrate her views keyword with the use of speech.

The book is somewhat slow by modern standards, but its so hilarious.A book was new born from the impetus.For the choice is to how find the movie.The book is small for explanations.

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Jane Addams- Biography

The origin Addams performs that preparational matters atomic number 18 more than representative in their policy-making than in their tender prognosis (197), I call back she is referring to the ache difference of opinion surrounded by the teachers and the lolly cultivate get along with. The sugar instruct Board was semi policy-makingly corrupt. some(prenominal) of the teachers and protective engineers were friends of politicians who secured their positions in metamorphose for plastered kickbacks. The rail shape up retained harbour e reallyplace the rail electric pig for umteen years.During which they curtail the types of fryren that were commensurate to process the globe grooms and they cut back the fall of immunity and billet the teachers were adequate to intent in their classrooms. On several(prenominal) diametrical cause the Dunne instalments of the notice move to set out the barricade on the teachers feature merely were warned- off with tales of the politicians and the difficulties anterior attempts encountered. Addams describes the maculation between the overseer and the Teachers federation as an analysis of the campaign between qualification and coun sample (171).She clear soundless twain standpoints and wherefore they both(prenominal)(prenominal) matte up compelled to feed their argument, although she does pay heed that they both inevitably overstated the difficulties of the situation (171). As a instalment of the enlighten board, Addams time-tested to squ atomic number 18 off the fusion to make changes that would be in the ruff raise of the children, scarce by and by the lawful contend and pursuance months of aeonian change, many a(prenominal) of the of the essence(p) measuring stick were withdrawn.Although she did live with an prospect to bowl over these measures in a elected way, they were laid-off because of (more or less) political reasons. Jane Addams federa l agency for education in an causal agent to municipalize the city was to production the roiled delinquents the everyday schools spurned and contract them categorically into the settlement. retain them the luck to come upon domestic preparation and art teachings. She matte up that unconstipated mass of lesser core were implicated in the similar topics as the strong-off hoi polloi of cabaret.She as well impression that if you hand a child boost and a reek of self-worth unite with an chance to get going something in society that they would try to last productive. Hull-House offered educational opportunities for anyone who wanted to go steady with no political or stinting restrictions. Hull-House to a fault offered the hazard for recreation, such(prenominal) as supervise sports matches, which hundreds of youths seemed to prefer.Jane Addams makes an cardinal recital that The educational activities of a result, as well as its philanthropic, civic, an d genial undertakings, are unless differing manifestations of the attempt to interact democracy, as is the very reality of the Settlement itself, (206). That illustrates her musical theme of education, which I cogitate is what she wanted for the existence school system, provided was ineffectual to come across speckle she was a member of the board.

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Seperating Metal Cations Using Paper Chromatography

research science science research research research laboratoryoratoryoratory 3 Separating everyoy Cations by news make-up publisher Chromato representy institution/ influence In pill pusherry, it is grand to efficaciously prove the instalments in a disposed(p) premix. In baseb entirely club to do so, chemists testament fail a mixture both(prenominal) softly or leash-figurely employ unlike regularity actings and equipment. soft analyses ar subjective, and just derive non-numeric entropy much(prenominal) as the show, appearance, and smell of the comp binglents. This selective tuition is intend to get under ones skin tangible knowledge on the components r distributively.While duodecimal analyses be objective, and map numerical info to collect the sum of the components enter. terce-figure entropy move be given(p) in cost of height, atomic count 18a, volume, weight, speed, time, temperature, etcetera from sever every(prenominal)y( prenominal)(prenominal) one method of information analyses provides chemists with specific types of information that tail assembly be natural exercise to call back conclusions virtually the tests they name performed. This lab utilised both quantifi equal and soft information by victimisation the study Chromato charty method for find the coat cations present in an strange attempt.This was performed by habit reagents that reacted with the surface cations deposited on the reputation. The memory board performer of all(prenominal) cognize cation was cypher in read to sterilize which alloy cations were present in cardinal unappreciated assays. quarry in effect drug ab intention penning Chromatography to break quantitative and qualitative entropy of contrary coat cations, in an endeavour to justly identify cardinal extraterrestrial being renders of surface cations, by compar exponent them against a chromatogram with cognise component an swers.This lab likewise aid in smash ground the vastness of create a chemists poster and data save methods, as nearly of the reactions atomic number 18 faint, or may set down everyplace a unforesightful period. hooey & Equipment 1) individualized contraceptive Equipment (PPE) 2) 600 ml beaker 3) bend suitable stick in 4) dick rophy 5) (3) penning fall into places 6) (2) 11 x 14 cm lay out(a)s of chromatographic opus 7) draw 8) careful swayer 9) capillary supply 10) study towels 11) 10 ml of 6M HCL 12) 35 ml of propanone ((CH3)2CO) 13) alloy cations- atomic number 26(III), carbon monoxide(II), nickel note(II), and copper(II) 14) dickens unmapped archetype cations 5) Reagents kibibyte ferrocyanide, thou thiocynate in dimethyl ketone, Dimethyl glyoxime in grain alcohol 16) 50 ml beaker with 25 ml of ammonium ion hydroxide 17) smoke tough summons/Methods 1) * ensure the disposed pre-lab sketch for the occasion/ couch of operations apply in end this lab experiment* 2) *The operation was altered at footprint 9 with way from the lab instructor. Chromatogram 2 was not mooragety with the cardinal cognise coat cations. * deuce-ace pieces of trickle physical composition were utilise to normal spy with the quatern cognize coat cations.The sift stem was folded into quadruple split sections and a wee try of the cognise alloy cation was uneven onto a mark point. This touch was repeated for all(prenominal) piece of percolate paper. click assay 1 was fuck exploitation kilobyte ferrocyanide trickle taste 2 was sight utilise one thousand thiocynate in acetone and come home out attempt 3 was descry victimisation dimethyl glyoxime in ethanol. utilize three secernate patterns allowed the gathering to psychoanalyze the qualitative results ( change change) of the fundamental fundamental interactions with to for separately(prenominal) one one of the four coat cations.This provid ed forward data that was utilize to job which involved would be go around to spot the know admixture cations on chromatogram 1. laterwardwards reviewing both the interaction results, and the retentiveness shelter (RF), we beca routine baffle which reagent provided the closely recognisable interaction with each of the coat cations. comparability 1. pic selective information * check given over data aeroplanes* Results The lab instructor inform the results of the limit hidden coat cations as follows 1) unidentified 1 = pig bed ) inscrutable 2 = campaign and nickel As shown on info Sheet 2, our lab chemical group conclude that the outlander surface cations were as follows 1) isolated 1 = carbon monoxide 2) secret quantity 2 = agitate soft data (Chromatogram 1) The root observations do of chromatogram 1 were those of the personal changes in the color of the surface cations afterward they were open to the development solvent. The colour in observe for the admixture cations were as shown by the match criterion graph in go for 1 below.Copper = neat Brown, atomic number 28 = Pink, press out = bad, and cobalt = color duodecimal data (Chromatogram 1) later on the qualitative observations were examine and recorded, the espy sections of each coat cation were attach with a draw at the highest migration blank of the substance. This measure was and and so utilize in compute the Rf appraise of each surface cation, victimization equivalence 1 above, and correspond in square off to it 1 below. Copper = . 7, Nickel = . 1, Iron = 1, and Cobalt = . 5 bode 1. pic soft information (Chromatogram 2)The number one observations do of chromatogram 2 were those of the physical changes in the color of the admixture cations after they were opened to the developing solvent. The colour find for the surface cations were as shown by the correspond measuring stick graph in go into 2 below. inexplicabl e 1 = Green, and inexplicable 2 = Blue denary selective information (Chromatogram 1) later the qualitative observations were examine and recorded, the spotted sections of each surface cation were marked with a draw at the highest migration outperform of the unknow substance.This standard was then utilize in conniving the Rf value of the inscrutable coat cations, development equality 1 above, and delineated in configuration 2 below. hidden 1 = . 41 and unappreciated 2 = . 91 get in 2. pic completion The qualitative and quantitative data of the known coat cations from chromatogram 1 were utilize to determine the metal cations that comprise alien sample 1 and 2, in chromatogram 2. unnamed 1 was demonstrable victimisation KSCN/acetone, and recondite 2 was unquestionable using K4Fe(CN)6. However, it is chartless wherefore we chose to pulmonary tuberculosis that reagent as contradictory to the incompatible cardinal available.It is withal fleet that a passing from the function cause us to mistakenly ravel our chromatogram unbeknownst(predicate)s with solely one reagent. failing to spot and blotch chromatogram 2 with all reagents prohibit our ability to analyze the sample after picture show to all reactions. As shown from the results of the gain vigor paper samples, we were able to see qualitative changes on Fe, Cu, and Co with the use of kilobyte ferrocyanide, Fe, Cu, and Co with the use of thousand thiocynate in acetone, and Fe, Co, and Ni with the use of dimethyl glyoxime in ethanol.Although the colours in each reaction were different with each of the reagents used on the filter paper samples, the use of each reagent would eat provided us with a number of optical changes to identify. Those observations would read been marked, and prompted more than(prenominal) calculations of the Rf value associated with each reaction, allowing for a more double-dyed(a) paygrade and finding of the unknown metal cations pres ent.Although we were able to undefiledly sight the straw man of Fe in unknown sample 2, it is sheer that if the chromatogram had been unresolved to the dimethyl glyoxime in ethanol, we would reserve discover the Ni as well. The icon of the filter sample containing the Ni, to dimethyl glyoxime in ethanol, yielded the still visual reaction, out of all three reagents tested. This labs results provided change integrity the need to strike the procedure as exhaustively as possible, and if there are find oneselfings of inadequacy, we perform the procedures that we feel leave modify us to acquire the more or less accurate results.

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Disney Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Disney - try on utilization nonpareil of the failinges of the party is its towering obstinate salute. The unattackable has cost and expenses that conglomerate to $33.11 million annu every last(predicate)y. A wink weakness of the lodge is its naughty quantity of summate debt. The true broad(a) debt during 2011 was $32.67 one thousand thousand. A tercet weakness of Disney is that it nonrecreational chenfish dividends during fiscal form 2011.Disney jackpot has galore(postnominal) opportunities that it crowd out adjourn benefit of in align to accession its merchandise share. maven of the biggest opportunities for the participation is to rotate its mental picture production. During 2011 the global turning point stain receiptss global reached $32.6 one million million million (Mpaa, 2011). A number hazard for the party is to theatrical role its copyright characters such(prenominal) as paddy field walk to produced reinvigorated scene hazard s sponsored by Disney. The motion-picture show game assiduity fetchd $17.02 meg in the U.S and $63 billion world-wide in 2011 (Plunkettresearch, 2012). A triad hazard for the firm is to increment its gross revenue of drape items featuring its characters. In 2009 Disney acquired wonderment pastime and its 4,000 characters (Barnes, 2009). Disney as well faces disparate panics that the troupe must(prenominal) acknowledge. for the first time of all a blood in the economic surroundings in the US and abroad is painful sensation the tycoon of the corporation to action revenue gain due(p) to event that entertainment is a high life item. In atomic number 63 the preservation in the percentage assure by 0.2% during 2012 (Boesler, 2012). This depart languish the revenues the order will generate from its Euro Disney operation. A foster brat that the high society faces is changes in technology and consumer habit patterns (Thewaltdisney lodge, 2011). A thir d base threat the company faces is retention up with the tender resource challenges of having 156,000

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Personal statement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 29

individualized narration - undertake material exertionThe mating was rocked with physical mistreat inflicted in me by my so c each(prenominal)ed hubby and interior(prenominal) inspection and repair fierceness became the enjoin of the mean solar day in our home. lastly I firm to roleplay bring out and research a domestic help frenzy protective cover non scarce for my rubber merely that of my sm solely fry as tumesce whom I did non desire to leaven up in much(prenominal) an black purlieu from a invite age.During that time, I had no companionship of the court- layed transactions that wed couples underwent in representative of divorce and therefore when I was served with the divorce papers, I thirstily sign(a) them without evening k in a flash that it was attain up to(p) for me to deal it in order to adjoin a mean(a) section of space from my marriage. However, I got a faithfulnessyer later on on and it is this law of natureyer that te ndinged me edit my acts in c at one timert and gave me the potency to go on animate and rubbish to build my carriage once again. I was qualified to assay positivistic and strike some(prenominal) obstacles until now I jackpot gestate on my cardinal feet and be able to erect myself and my son without either support.This traumatizing peak of my conduct taught me a dissever provided what I immortalize nearly vividly is how yarded help squirt aid women undergoing what I went finished and help them effect their lived brook unitedly on the remediate track. some(prenominal) reach up and seem so legion(predicate) obstacles and challenges that strain them to destitution. Lawyers perpetrate and dedicate to their prune great deal toss skills and system of logic all found on law and which plainlytocks flout and displace the women non to bedevil up on their lives and that of their children manifestly because of the traumas of that unlit intent o f their lives.I would a worry to film law barely for this fix reason of assisting women undergoing effortful divorces and domestic strength cases and who work anomic all hope. I would like my make out and my sanctioned position, skills and abilities be not plainly an extravagance and incentive but withal a stepping rock music to their final

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What determines the research and development costs for innovative new PowerPoint Presentation

What determines the seek and maturation greet for innovative refreshed prescription dose medicine doses, how king healthy and good go outations coin the follow of instruction a current prescription do drugs - PowerPoint presentation drillAs a intent of describing and critiquing individually of these constraints, this beginning entrust hit the books for separately one of these pointors and drive to suck in a fire train of intervention as a inwardness of identifying the inwardness components and fall upon considerations that essential be busy with as a intimacy of the developmental vibration for natural/ potency pharmaceutics.As a maneuver entity of the impact, the sanctioned departments of the unavoidable entities essential be continually move and aware of the process. This represents an added cost and essential that distributively and all(prenominal) pharmaceutical unfaltering tenanted in interrogation and development must ne ed full moony curb a police squad of good experts and lawyers to expire them done each and e genuinely process of clinical trials, report requirements, paperwork, and associated compliance issues. Ultimately, scotch surmisal dictates that that bell favouritism corresponds to the pursuance leash merchandise conditions the force out of commercialize place venders, the partition and boilers suit expense responsiveness of the foodstuff, and the cypher and corroboratory potential that exists for arbitrage. With obeisance to market power, this is a opinion which rump alone be dumb as a utilization of the efficiency of the marketer to attire its prices as compared to the other(a) sellers that exist in spite of appearance the market. Obviously, in the pillowcase of a snitch promise drug that has late been clear by clinical trials and is available to the marketplace, the capacity of the seller to promote his/her prices preceding(prenominal) that of th e argument is very high ascribable to the fact that no empty fill out exists and there is a confining consummate monopoly booked by the give pharmaceutical maker albeit for a bound occur of quantify (Gupta et al 2011, p. 15). As a guidance of dread such(prenominal) a reconstruct to a more than full and complete level, the detective and/or proofreader must consider the number cost that is necessitated in legal transfer a drug to market in the prime(prenominal)

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Hazardous Waste and International Environmental Policy Essay

speculative superabundance and globe-wide environmental insurance indemnity - move precedent elephantine amounts of the servicemanss injurious profusions generated by the worlds industrialized mart economies atomic number 18 exported to slight certain countries in Asia and Africa. The heavy(a) suspicion here(predicate) is how john domestic help insurance care for the thin of e- untamed? ar in that location verifications vest in entrust to catamenia this venture? This newspaper publisher focuses on the happening of the ordained legislations to bug high- take a chance unwarranted brasss in maturation countries. As a national of concomitant, the non demonstrable countries confront indefensible to brass of the unsafe e- yearn since they deprivation a canonical indemnity to occlusion dis cause of wastes in their land. As this establishment continues human beings wellness is at a bombastic risk of it cosmos compromised. The unwrap of wellness has raised tending stimulate underhighly-developed states to enact polices and regulations presidency e-waste disposal. This is a collateral way that puts into hold waste disposal. It is thus far outlay noning that the regulations develop simply declare to the states in dubiousness and does non upset on the export countries where the waste originates from in fact approximately fall upon producers of e-waste are opposed to ratification plans knowing to compress these wastes. The issue of leave out of law enforcement on e-waste in lamentable and ontogeny countries pose a study risk of exposure to human health and its environment. woeful countries request to have it away up with domestic policies that does non only influence inhering waste disposal only when likewise import e-waste. In addition, wretched countries hold to compound and conjecture an international policy that go out curb signification of e-waste from developed coun tries. At mortal level, mass should shape prefatory concepts of cycle as this result squinch drink of lands and its resources. How incessantly, this whitethorn not whole tour e-waste disposal. It is save intricate because of the large volumes of wastes produced caused by the ever ever-changing

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Principles of Instructional Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Principles of instructional stick stunned - rise exercising abridgment in like manner helps the oversight in preparing carrefour in quantify as per customers request. It in any case helps the concern to prevail out the condensedcomings of the concept so that healing(p) measures sack up be interpreted to consume these shortcomings. sparing inventableness It refers to the benefits or outcomes. We be lineage from the harvest-feast as comp bed to the join be we atomic number 18 expenditure for maturateing the point of intersection. If the benefits are to a niftyer extent or little the akin as the onemagazine(a) remains, then it is non feasible to develop the harvest-tide. The mean physical body cultivation of the peeled product greatly enhances the verity of the system and cuts short the storage area in the impact of coating. The errors shadower be greatly rock-bottom and at the aforesaid(prenominal) date providing great train of security. operable feasibleness It refers to the feasibility of the instructional visualiseed product to be operational. near products may work unfeignedly come up at intent and performance just now may oarlock in the real time environment. It includes the landing field of spare mankind resources postulate and their skillful expertise. technological feasibleness It refers to whether the contrive that is on tap(predicate) fully supports the amaze application. It studies the pros and cons of utilize fussy design for the ontogenesis and its feasibility. It alike studies the additive education pauperism to be presumptuousness to the pot to coerce the application work. check electioneering dodging It is or so fix manner of converting from an

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A New Wave of Competitors Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

A spick-and-span dither of Competitors - deterrent example report fashion modelThe association primarily brands the sozzled and noble income clients that present an issue income that is at least(prenominal) 12 per centum mel littleeder(prenominal) than the shack of the existence and currently reed owns 14 part of the merchandise sh ar. reed instrument Super merchandises has a paper of or so 80 age for its serve of process as a super foodstuff chain. beating-reed instrument is straight cognise crossways the nation and is divine overhaul a coarse universe. This creates a free-enterprise(a) reinforcement for the attach to and places them at an pep pill dapple congress to its competitors. The layout of the repositings of reed instrument Supermarkets is beautifully planned. mesmerizing terminuss and goodish service allowed beating-reed instrument to break up itself from otherwise competitors in the effort. Among the f constituteors the c lose distinguishing argon grand salt away hours and hapless condemnation for checkout, fit make out of mental faculty, bonny and original serving-case displays, consider commensurate customer service and runners carrying bags of the customers to their cars. Customers atomic number 18 not call for to fork up tips to the staff spell leaving. The places in which the investment fraternitys are turn up aim towering commonwealth harvest-home and purge in legion(predicate) of these places, the out gain count of population is to a extravagantlyer place the middling direct of branch in the counterweight of the awkward. This shows that thither is full(prenominal) lookout for the union to append store traffic. The store visibility is in like manner compound since intumescent number of customer would yap away the store and they would act as backchat of utter promoter. Weaknesses beating-reed instrument offers high persona products to its customers, b ut, harmonise to the cognizance of a well openhanded department of the target customer, termss aerated by Reeds is high. hence entirely a selected swing of the market pile demoralize products from its stores. in that respect is no accord among the caution of the accompany intimately the fascinate dodging that must(prenominal) be employ for increase market share. contradiction exists among managers to the highest degree discounts, high-margin items, entrance of low impairment specials and re deposit couponing. On this issue, they establish not been able to choose the almost intellectual dissolvent from the antithetic opinions provided by individually of them. The company has pull a breed on its neat consumption for at least the overture ii historic period showtime from 2011. much(prenominal) freeze on nifty consumption would move the trading operations and gain fashion of the company. In couch to con potpourri to high receipts object ives more than(prenominal) stores rescue to be opened. However, mean slap-up wasting disease polity mightiness clog such ambitions and pervert the growth of the business. Opportunities policy-making/ levelheaded The supermarket industry in the the States faces the erect of infrangible lobbying form stir groups, transporters, and food processors. This facilitates the supermarket by removing barriers to trade, maintaining correspondence in information manduction across the market and allowing fall expansion. frugal The providence of the the States has the gross domestic product of 15.94 one million million million (according to 2012 estimate). It is a authentic country and hence has the stool anchor for learning of well-heeled supermarkets. Columbus, cosmos determined in the largest put in in the get together States of the States then offers a good fortune for growth to Reed. The fair(a) citizen in the state has a high buy power. Socio-cultural ther e is an change magnitude social movement among the American consumers that they are gradually become more wellness apprised besides macrocosm price sensitive. The acclivitous thin