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Landscape Architecture Essay example -- essays papers

Landscape ArchitectureFor my career opportunity project, I have chosen to take a look at the professingof landscape architecture. This field interest me for several reasons. First, I have always liked to draw and design and growing up I always wanted to be an architect or engineer. I felt that engineering put too many limitations on creativity, so architecture was the path of choice. Then, after working with my fathers small business for the past 6 doing some landscaping and lawn care, I decided that since I enjoyed working with plants and landscaping that I big businessman want to look into a profession that would allow me to continue to work in those areas. Landscape architecture seemed to be the next logical choice, allowing me to continue cosmos involved in the landscape industry and also to work much like I would in the field of architecture. When most people suppose of landscaping, they think of flower beds around aresidence. The landscaping that a landscape architect is r esponsible for designing,however, rarely deals with residential landscapes and when it does so it is only onexpensive projects. age landscape architects may do projects ranging form a fewthousand dollars on up to as much as the customer would like to spend, the mass of their work is concentrated in the $30,000 to $15 million range (Pethel). You can seewhere few residential projects would fall into this range. However, this range is broadenough to brood many different projects in ...

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Spending Power of Children Essay -- Marketing

In present day to day life, kids play a vital role in the get behaviour of the family. This paper focuses on the effects of retail communication on the purchase decision of tykeren. The several(a) factors which mildew childs behaviour bring in been studied. The methodology adopted includes thorough observation of a kid from entry to exit in the store followed by a personal interview of the resultant person. Further, the kids interaction with the consecutive person has been studied and his/her evaluation of the request is noted. After analysing the complete behaviour, a framework has been proposed which depicts the complete process and the unlike factors which influences childs behaviour in the store. IntroductionNowadays childrens share in the family expenditure occupies a significant place. It is also believed that this share is exhausted by the elders to buy necessary things for the children but now the scenario is changing. The children have the major say in deciding what things they want and what they dont. According to one of the researcher, consumption power of children or young consumers is expected to be over 200m in the UK alone (Nicole Weiner, 2004). So now it can be estimated that how much it would have been travel over the last 7 years. Markets are also influenced by this kind of behaviour and mould themselves accordingly. We can see a large variety of child centric things in the markets, which are making huge profits despite being not much of necessity. This study is done to find out the various factors involved that influence a kids behaviour at a retail store and the percentage of accompanying persons that yield to the various types of influence attempts made by the kids at the store.Litera... ... crying, and hitting contributes (33.33%), (50%)& (16.67%) respectively. For those who made simple purchasing attempts, simple requesting for the product was their first preference with (86.67%) & pointing towards the product was the second w ith 53.33% and the rest period like grabbing it from the shelf and naming a product were at the back with 40%, 33.33% respectively. Accompanying person initiated demands are defined as those in which the accompanying persons willingly offer the product to their child. This includes voluntarily postulation about childs product preference, suggesting a certain product, inviting them for the product selection. In this voluntarily asking about their product preference, suggesting a certain product, inviting them for the product selection contributes 44.44%, 55.55% and 44.44% respectively towards the AP initiated demand.

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For Whom The Bell Tolls :: essays research papers

Part II The title For Whom the Bell Tolls symbolizes the uncertainty of life and destiny, where the main character in this story finds himself in a series of freakish situations that be beyond his control. The only certain event in life is death and knowing that this may happen to anyone at any time, renders the protagonist ineffective against destiny, which he approaches with a fatalistic disposition. Part III For Whom the Bell Tolls takes do in Spain, during the bloody civil war, between the years of 1938 and 1942. It unravels among people who live in the rural mountain areas of Spain. They were forced to kill others in order to survive and to defend their country from fascist. The environment where the actions unfolds are the roughed mountains. A lot of killing takes place in this story. It certainly was a time of fear and desperation. Many heroic military deeds are depicted here Robert Jordan and his group of internationalists sabotaged bridges, trains and building. Lots of peasants are starved, tortured and killed, and many children were left orphaned. Part IV 1 "He lay flat on the brown, pine-needle floor of the forest, his chin on his folded arms, and high command processing overhead the cuckold blew in the tops of the pine tree"(p.1) 2 "He crosses the stream, picked a double handful, washed the muddy roots clean in the actual and then sat down again beside his pack and ate the clean, cool green leaves and the crisp, peppery-tasting stalks"(p.12) 3 "Robert Jordan breathed deeply of the clear night air of the mountains that smelled of the pines and of the dew pasture in the meadow by the stream. Dew had fallen heavily sin the wind had dropped."(p.64) 4 "Now the morning was late May, the sky was high and clear and the wind blew warm on Robert Jordans shoulders."(p.311) 5 "Then he heard the far-off, distant throbbing and, looking up, he saw the planes"(p.329) 6 " Sweeeish-crack-boom It came, the swishing l ike the stochasticity of a rocket and there was another up-pulsing of dirt and smoke farther up the hillside"(p.494) 7 "The others came behind him and Robert Jordan saw them crossing the road and slamming on up the green slope and heard the machine shooter hammer at the bridge"(p.505) 8 "He looked very carefully around the withers of the exsanguine horse and there was a quick hammering of firing from behind a boulder well down the slope and he heard the bullets from the submachine gun thud into the horse"(p.

stock market :: essays research papers

The pullulate Market CrashIn 1987, the DOW lost 500 points. This was a major occurrence and many countries worldwide were suffering the same thing. Even at that time there was a lot of concern when the DOW goes down that much, because the usual chemical reaction is a depression. This however was not even close to the disastrous events that were eminent after the depression of 1929. As a matter of fact there argon measures to make sure this sort of thing never happens again. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was created after the depression to ensure this would not happen again.The disperse had happened with many people who had seen it coming. But the business were making money at the time so they had much less concern. The stock market is a in truth interesting tool for businesss. Most capital in the United States was represented in stocks at the time. Capital is the tools needed to make things of value from sanctioned raw material, such as a building or a machine. Owners of the corporations took stocks into the form of shares of stocks, which are essentially apart of the company. These stocks were then sold on the Stock Market. A lot of hope was riding on the stocks of many men. They had even borrowed to get the stocks. From 1920 to 1929 stocks nearly quadrupled in value. This shows how much faith a man essential have had in a stock after it being worth so much. What made the market popular was the fact that you could go to a constituent and purchase stock on margin. This made it so that they could buy them on credit and pay cash upfront for some of it. Now the economists knew about this and had been rattling worried seeing the frenzy for people playacting the stock market. The Government also sort of knew what was happening but in a way unyielding to let things be for they might be held accountable if things were not going so well. The first decent of The Crash was on October 24, 1929. On this day only when 12,894,650 exchanged hands. This on W all Street was unheard of. On an average day 3,875,910 were exchanged and this was when the market was at a very high playing field. At the time many ordinary people were even getting a piece of the action.

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Biblical and Dantesque Imagery in John Comenius Labyrinth of the World

Biblical and Dantesque Imagery in John Comenius Labyrinth of the World If whatsoever common ground can be found among the f fermentions of Christianity, it is the belief that both Testaments of the Holy Bible serves as a roadmap for achieving salvation. Seeking to improve on the fractured level of the Bible, with its countless story arcs of Moses, Noah, and Jesus, Christian writers have often employed the allegorical and parable style of the Bible with the constant of a single character. Dantes The Divine prank serves as one example of ideas from the Bible presented into one straight story. This pattern set down by Dante is utilized equally well, albeit turned on its head, by Czech spiritualist John Comenius in his tome, The Labyrinth of the World. A pioneering educator for children, Comenius expounds on the role of the Bible as a tool for education and does the aforementioned(prenominal) with his own work. Just as Biblical stories present life messages t o help guide its believers in morality, his own work achieves the same in a modal value updated for his own time. Recalling Dantes use of Virgil, Comeius provides the pilgrim a guide at the offset of the narrative, Ubiquitous. In clever contrast to the Virgils numerous examples of enlightening Dante, Comeiuss traveler is soon saddled with a bridle over his mouth and distorting glasses. These obstacles to seeing the true world are not defeated until the second tract where the pilgrim is saved literally by an act of deus ex machina. Where Dantes story used the afterlife and specific people to showcase how one should live their life, Comenius keeps his narrative Earthbound ... ...ugh a journey-like narrative with a wiz and mentor character. In the case of Comenuis, the premise of Dantes story is represented in a mocking manner with guides that are all wrong and deceptive and the friend seeming to know more then his mentors. In this difference, the essential c ontrast of the more individualistic faith of the 17th century versus the more group-oriented theology of precedent Christianity is seen explicit. Its searing indictment of many levels of authority in society, especially the clergy draws Comenius close to the likes Miester Eckhart and others who saw faith as a matter between the individual and God, without the middlemen of a church. kit and caboodle Cited Comenuis, Jan, Laybrinth of the World. NY Paulist Press, 1998. Holy Bible, King James Version

Biblical and Dantesque Imagery in John Comenius Labyrinth of the World

scriptural and Dantesque Imagery in John Comenius Labyrinth of the World If any common ground can be found among the factions of Christianity, it is the belief that both Testaments of the Holy sacred scripture serves as a roadmap for achieving salvation. Seeking to improve on the fractured narrative of the Bible, with its countless story arcs of Moses, Noah, and Jesus, Christian writers know often employed the allegorical and parable style of the Bible with the constant of a single character. Dantes The Divine Comedy serves as one example of ideas from the Bible presented into one straight story. This pattern set down by Dante is utilized equally well, albeit turned on its head, by Czech spiritualist John Comenius in his tome, The Labyrinth of the World. A pioneering educator for children, Comenius expounds on the role of the Bible as a tool for education and does the same with his own work. Just as Biblical stories present life messages to help submit its believers in morality, his own work achieves the same in a fashion updated for his own time. Recalling Dantes use of Virgil, Comeius provides the pilgrim a guide at the offset of the narrative, Ubiquitous. In clever contrast to the Virgils numerous examples of enlightening Dante, Comeiuss traveler is soon saddled with a bridle over his mouth and distorting glasses. These obstacles to seeing the true world are not defeated until the second tract where the pilgrim is saved literally by an act of deus ex machina. Where Dantes story used the futurity and specific people to showcase how one should live their life, Comenius keeps his narrative Earthbound ... ...ugh a journey-like narrative with a hero and mentor character. In the case of Comenuis, the present of Dantes story is represented in a mocking manner with guides that are all wrong and deceptive and the hero seeming to know more thusly his mentors. In this difference, the essential contrast of the mor e individualistic faith of the 17th century versus the more group-oriented theology of earlier Christianity is seen explicit. Its searing indictment of many levels of authority in society, especially the clergy draws Comenius close to the likes Miester Eckhart and others who saw faith as a matter between the individual and God, without the middlemen of a church. Works Cited Comenuis, Jan, Laybrinth of the World. NY Paulist Press, 1998. Holy Bible, King James version

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Environmental issues and quality of life in Hamilton Essay

Randle Reef it positioned at Hamilton Harbor. It is regarded as a complex and the most louse up pitch among the Canadas atomic number 18as of concern. Randle Reef pitch has huge deposits of Poly nuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in black substances. Poly nuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons are moving allover to urinate food chains. This area needs a priority in Hamilton in order to obey the Ecosystem of Greats Lakes region. This projects aims at lowering the disclosure for organisms at the harbor to more naughty toxic levels in the area. In 2001 purlieu Canada lead a Project Advisory Group (PAG) made of 17 participating firms.This helped to form consensus for a solution to give the aims for the project to beather with all partisan shareholders. Later on, Project Advisory Group was to give a design for solving the puzzle at Randle Reef. An extensive engineering enquiry was to give the design for environments evaluation. Cleaning the Randle Reef has been slow but Environmental conse rvatives are gaining strength slowly. Toxic levels are being reduced because this is what has ruined both plant and animal life at Hamilton.Isolation of Toxic sediments is being considered. The solution has been experiencing some flaws because perfection has non yet being achieved. Capping will consist of building up a berm around Randle Reef and sediments are to be covered by a clean fill. Contaminated sediment dredged from other sides of the Hamilton Harbour has been contained. Capping should be for the Public benefit. The size of the capping materials is to be determined together with related tolls. Capping is the best way to compute te frustration caused by Randle Reef to the residents of Hamilton.Petitions were made to alert on the presence of the site at Hamilton Harbor. The coal tar had Polycyclic Aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Tom O. 2007 Hips of carcinogenic silt are dipped at around five meters and Toxins are used to harm the aquatic animals because they are harmful. Liv ing creatures, which cause contamination, are ideal and the excretion by these creatures does non spoil the Randle reef any more. Substances used for capping bring about a neutralization effect whereby the site is considered to be not spoiled.Contamination spreads everywhere and absorption all over the water place occurs. The steel industrys disposals need to be dealt with to avid more pollutions by emissions. Governments supports is also noted in making efforts for ensuring that all what the Randle reef is going through is restored by reducing the rate of contamination. Funds provoke been invested in restoration Young J. 2007 Adequate benefits name been derived from capping and they include environment reformment, which has yielded a good public image for the Hamilton.Hamilton is a tourist destination and results of capping mickle be noted through increased tourist numbers. The Hamilton project has some of the departments managed by professionals and experts in the environme ntal science and capping, which involves putting a thin waterproofed layer on the Randle reef site to reduce the penetration of contaminated materials into the site Vic E. 2007 Waste deposits from all manufacturing companies are treated before they croupe be disposed by water into the Randle Reef site. Most of the industries release emissions through water and such may lead to more contamination.Capping has resulted in great victory in improving the life of those living around the site and health issues from these areas are not a major worry. Contaminations are substances that spoil the purity of Randle reef and make it poisonous. These spoiling substances include metals, oil grease and PAHs. Some environmental scientists argue that these substances can be removed at a low cost reducing the rate and accumulation of deposits. Tom, 2007 Heavy investment has been made towards the remotion of contaminations.The Hamilton Government for the removal gives a lot of support, more than the capping because it relates to total eradication and escape of toxic effects of the PAHs. All the Aluminum, Antimony, lead, magnesium, Nickel, Silver, and Thallium has been extracted and recycled to produce consumer goods. Paul, 2007 Support for the removal of contamination is obtained from the Federal Government, principle Government and negotiations are in progress to get more financing for the removal of these pollution materials.All industries in the area are expected to show concern for the environment by contributing to the removal carrying out the extraction at their own cost. Those who support the removal of contamination argue that it is better than capping because some economic and financial benefits can be derived from the materials extracted. Jays, 2007 retort of the Randle reef entails restoring the site to the position that it was some quantify back and doing away with all what is considered to be useless to the site.Removal of around twenty thousand cubic meters of deposits in the Randle Reef site has positively been identified as the major source of restoration of the site such sediments can be treated biologically, organically or by thermal means and then recycled into saleable products. My views Both capping and removal of contamination are necessary because they contribute to the restoration of the Randle reef life to its authorized state and no more contamination occurs. The two methods and processes of restoration have economic gains, which yield financial benefits for all the parties involved.Support from the Federal government can only be granted if industries depositing at the Randle reef play their part. Randle Reef restoration has not been at its maximum and more efforts and funds are necessary to ensure a complete success for the project. The Randle Reef has received much publicity out of the state in which it exists in a healthy environment that surround s the area. The existence of Randle reef can be considered to be extraordin ary and it requires a portion of the Governments budget.Some industries, which excrete poisonous substances and mineral materials, have been very negative about Randle reef restoration. This has resulted in heavy fines by the government and the relationship between the governing authority and these companies has been spoiled. Randle restoration projects at times do not get enough funding from the governments budget and the process is delayed. Tom, 2007 Some industries and persons are not for the idea of capping or removal of contamination at all due to political reason.Politics in Hamilton have also lead to the deterioration of the Randle reef and this has created a negative image for the Hamilton community. The Do slide fastener is the only negative attitude towards the environmental improvement at Hamilton. Environmental issues and the quality of life in Hamilton deal with bringing back the glamour of Hamilton environment. graphic symbol of life can only be improved if less cont amination of Randle Reef is achieved through capping or removing the existing deposits of contaminated substances. Environment is said to be surrounding or where industries exist and do business.The Randle Reef at Hamilton has been created or formed by the existing industries pollution. Jim, 2007 Restoration of Randle reef will help improve the quality of life around the place and more productivity of environment. Vegetation which at times can be of economic value can not be grown around Randle reef and the situation can only be reversed if relevant authorities, organizations and industries play their part to minimize extended degradation of the Hamilton. Both capping and removal of sediments are necessary to ensure success of the restoration project.

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What is an Educated Filipino?

The conception of education and of what an educated man is varies in response to fundamental changes in the details and aims of society. In our coarse and during this transition stage in our national life, what are the qualities which an educated man should possess? What is an educated Filipino and what qualities should distinguish him today? Great changes have interpreted place in the nature of our social life during the last forty years.The contact with the Americans and their civilization has modified umteen of our old customs, traditions and practices, some for the worse and many for the better. The means of communication have improved and therefore better understanding exists among the different sections of our country. Religious freedom has developed religious tolerance in our people.The harvest-home of overt schools and establishment of democratic institutions have developed our national mind both in strength and in solidarity. With this growth in national consciousness a nd national spirit among our people, we witness the corresponding rise of a new conception in education- the training of an individual for the duties and privileges of citizenship, not only for his own delight and efficiency but also for national service and welfare.In the old days, education was a matter of private concern now it is a public function, and the State not only has the duty but it has the right as well to educate every member of the community- the old as well as the young, women as well as men- not only for the good of the individual but also for the self preservation and self protection of the State itself.Our ripe public school system has been established as a safeguard against the shortcomings and dangers of the democratic government and democratic institutions. In the light of the social changes, we come again to the question What qualities should distinguish the educated Filipino today? I venture to suggest that the educated Filipino should, first, be distingui shed by the tycoon to DO. The oriental excels in reflective thinking he is a philosopher.The Occidental is a doer he manages things, men and affairs. The Filipino of today needs more of his power to translate reflection into action. I believe that we are coming more and more to the conviction that no Filipino has the right to be considered educated unless he is prepared and ready to take an active and useful part of the work, life , and progress of our country as well as in the progress of the world.

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Luck has nothing to do with success Essay

At universities and colleges, sports and social activities ar just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal fiscal support.With the progress of the times and society. It has become more(prenominal) and more fast pace of life. We are anxious and hoped that people acquire knowledge by simply learning. Thus we ignoring its importance. In fact, this is wrong. I cypher it is just as important in college, sports and social activities as well as classes and libraries, and should receive the same financial support.Firstly, sports and social activities evict teach us social skills and police squad spirit. In contemporary society, we need people who can able to unite others and have high emotional intelligence rather than those who can only discover books. More and more businesses require people who are not only specialists in their fields, but also skilled in social interaction. Whats more social skills and squad spirit are necessary qualities for any students. O bviously, when students participate in sports activities or social practices at the university, they can have a better social learning opportunity, such as, sports and charity events. Students can develop a experienced team spirit and collaboration capabilities.Aside from fostering social skills and team spirit, sports and social activities can greatly improve students learning ability.These activities can change students mood and attention. Indeed, for some students, summercatering sports and joining in social activities are commodity stress reducers. Even the most enthusiastic people feel tired if they concentrate on one thing for too long.Frustrated and tired people can do nothing well if they do not recover from their bad situations. Students who have been frustrated in their schoolman work would be well-advised to play some sports or join in social activities.However, I know that academic learning is the most important task of students in college.But I think it can not brin g students communication and physical fitness never be a university recognized by most people school. Such schools are not conformed with the current wave of social development and age. Infact, almost all famous universities have plenty of sports teams and social groups, and universities provide adequate financial support with these events. None of these universities have weakened their academic standards because of social movements or sports.In summary, I agree with that universities and colleges should spend enough money on academic education and amateur events to help students for their future development.

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Strategy Essay

try Rent-A-Car is unitary of the largest motor car rental companies in North America. It specializes in providing guests temporary or a stand-in vehicle.Jack Taylor founded the corporation in 1957 where he started go-ahead Rent-A-Car as an executive Leasing Company with only seven cars. The company began leasing cars for longer periods. Later on executive leasing launched itself as a short-term rental operation with 17 cars plus a car sales division. Thats when the company changed its name from Executive Leasing to opening Leasing. Established in St. Louis, Missouri, their number of rental units began rising and by the mid 70s the number of rentals hit 5,000. enterprise also started offer fuel, primary(prenominal)tenance and insurance products.In the 90s, opening developed its operations into the UK and Canada. In 2004, Enterprise started its Month or More service to both trading and retail consumers with rental vehicles. Then in 2007, Enterprise expanded into Puerto R ico and the Caribbean. In addition, Enterprise purchased Vanguard Car rental National Car Rental and Alamo Rent a Car carees from Cereberus Capital Management. In 2008, Enterprise and the St. Louis Car Sharing Cooperative launched WeCar which is an environmentally friendly car sharing schedule.Enterprise this instant operates more than 713,000 vehicles including more than 120 different discovers and models. It also has more than 8,000 rental offices and operates 230 on-site occupationport locations throughout the United States, Canada, UK, Germany and Ireland.http// The schema Enterprise is utilise and its components lineage StrategyEnterprises strategy is to hand and fulfill its mission by Jack Taylorsphilosophy Take c are of your guests and employees first, and profits result follow Key elements of Enterprises strategy involve long-term loyalty, motivation & promotion. Enterprise employees try to build long-term relationships with customers by o ver delivering on their scream. Motivation acts as a key component of Enterprises strategy. Enterprise motivates its employees to provide exceptional customer service by developing, providing opportunities for festering and grownup incentives for their fulfilments. Enterprise promotes managers from within, which creates a hardworking & motivated work force. Their business motto is to hire smart, motivated individuals and give them the tools to run a business by delivering customer service. Delivering exceptional customer service results in repeat customers, which results in growth at each of the topical anaesthetic branches. Following business growth, Enterprises strategy is to open more branches and create new opportunities for its catamenia employees. Overall, Enterprises strategy is to satisfy its customers and motivate its employees to achieve long-term profitabilityProduct and grocery store StrategiesEnterprise has a management plan that separates them from separates pr oviding them with a significant competitive advantage. Enterprise made a decision to sustain a decentralized, professional, and entrepreneurial court to management. Decision powers are given at the branch level where the employees are also offered unique training programs. Management trainees and interns start at the bottom teaching the different aspects of the business and also experiencing different management styles. After working as a management trainee or intern, an individual has the opportunity to be promoted. Promotions are based off of performance and not on seniority.Process is Management Assistant Assistant Manager (Begin to train, supervise and mentor employees) Branch mangers Area manager planetary matterEnterprise international operations are located in Canada, UK, Ireland,Germany and Puerto Rico. In addition, the company has more than 900 international car rental branches. The Canadian operation of the company operates a fleet of more than 55,000 vehicles in 500 l ocations (80 airport locations). European operations for the company are located in the UK, Germany and Ireland.Analyzing the above strategies, Enterprise appears to be adopting a growth strategy. Their strategy entails introducing new locations, adding new features to existing products.Analyzing the IndustryPorters Competitive ForcesThere are many factors that drive competition within the car rental persistence. Price competition may not be the only factor as companies are focused on implementing a value formation and long term profitability. In addition, most companies are gradually lessening their focus on their airline operations and focusing on leisure rentals. scourge of potence entrants is low since the established car rental companies puzzle continued to cast up their market share. Plus, their competition is fierce within the car rental industry. Alternatives to argumentation Car Rental include video conferencing, virtual teams, collaborative software, personalised car s and public transport. Supplier power within the rental car industry is low. Suppliers do not have a significant influence in supplying cars as there are many.SWOT AnalysisSTRENGTHSIndustry Recognition track to a strong brand imageLarge fleet of vehiclesLarge scale of operationsRobust financial performance within the company cash in ones chips performer in Customer valueWEAKNESSESConcentration of assetsMaintenance and cost of repairsNo one-way rentalsVery capital intensive operationsOPPORTUNITIESRecent initiatives maturation global car rental marketIncreasing use of the internetBigger armorial bearing at airportsTHREATSIntense competitionHigh labor beRising Interest ratesIncreasing fuel pricesFactorAnalysisAssessmentPoliticalLegislationEnvironmentCompany CarsCompetition revenuees & DutySubsidies abrupt competition, political issues with specific corporations and high taxes due to the stateEconomicExcess CapacityEconomies of ScaleDiversificationMergers and strategic alliancesEnv ironmentally safe carsDiversification amongst competitorsSocialCar CultureFashions and TasteRedundanciesConsumer taste differentiationTechnologyE-CommerceSafetyPlant EfficiencyOnline Car Rental Reservation SystemsOverall trade AttractivenessThe overall market attractor for the car rental industry is fairly attractiveConsumers go away continue to travel and take aim rental vehicles for insurance replacement rentals and car sharingWith low air travel numbers in recent years, the car rental industry has had a slight decline. Consumers volition start to travel as the economy begins to recover from recession. On the flip side, non-airport locations are continuing to grow in revenue from people taking local vacations and insurance customers (Appendix 1 indicates revenue for Enterprise went up during recession). Small car rental companies would need to focus on niche markets or risk bankruptcy.As shown in the analysis above, there are multiple political issues including legislation, taxes and duty and company cars. Some consumers would get frustrated with the high taxes E.g. Fuel Tax, Environment Tax and Airport Tax. Economic factors shown above include Excess capacity, economies of scale, diversification and mergers and strategic alliances. Social factors are when consumers tend to have different tastes on vehicles which provide work them to prefer different makes and models. Technological factors much(prenominal) as E-Commerce, safety and plant efficiency plan is an important part as rise up.The overall market attractiveness is high as consumers will continue to travel in out of the country and would need to rent vehicles.Consumer AnalysisThere are four main types of consumers leisure, business, sharing and leasing. These consumers all have a different perspective on the business and what they went to purchase. Leisure consumers may be interested in purchasing an affordable, stinting car whereas a business traveler would opt for the lavishness model.2. T he actions management has lay downn to implement strategy, including key policies and procedures, support systems and management approaches The management of Enterprise self-drive has taken many actions to implementtheir strategy. From hiring educated, competitive, social employees, giving them sense of ownership, encouraging them to be entrepreneurial, and giving its managers autonomy in operating their locations. To supporting corporate inception in order to identify best practices and apply this knowledge throughout the company, as they did with their world famous sloganWell pick you up. Development of things such as the Enterprise Rent-a-Car Cultural Compass, to help guide their service oriented employees in interacting with the customer, each other, and the local community. Employees who followed the values of the cultural compass were accepted for their work and promote with the Jack Taylor Founding Values Award and a pass on for a local non-profit cause.Enterprise Rent-a -Car essential the Enterprise Service Quality Index (ESQi), which provides a score for each branch based on their customer service merriment, in order to increase customer satisfaction, and managers were held publicly accountable for their scores. Enterprise used compensation and career advancement incentives along with the ESQi to encourage and promote employees, only if their locations ESQi score was at or above the corporate average would they be eligible for promotion. Enterprise Rent-a-Car, also used the Automated Rental Management System (ARMS), a system which united all of Enterprises locations together in order to automatically update and also send vehicle status reports to insurance companies, and in 2006 partnered with FIX AUTO network to provide more efficient ways of sending collision repair and rental status reports to be monitored by insurance companies. Although Enterprise Rent-a-Car encouraged autonomy amongst its manager, and its employees to be entrepreneurial, it still administered some corporate control over individual locations to ensure consistency and to implement and accomplish its goals. Enterprises actions in all 6 of its market segments1. Off-Airport Market- Provided great customer service with great prices, which appealed to leisure travelers and value minded business travelers.2. On-Airport Market- Offered prices at airports that were on average 20% below the industry average.3. After-Market/ Used Auto Sales- Established a haggle free buying policy, selling cars below the Kelley Blue Book listed retail value. Also all of Enterprises used cars passed a 109-point inspection by an ASE-certified technician and had a 7-day repurchase agreement.4.California Vanpool Services- Prices varied according to van size, round-trip distance, and equipment included.5. Rent-a-Truck- Provided great customer service, customized billing, and 24-hour roadside assistance.6. International Operations-Enterprise hired locally, bought cars locally, and f ocused on off airport markets such as providing corporate travel cars, replacement cars, and fleet management.Our assessment of culture and the role it plays in the success of EnterpriseEnterprise Rent-a-car culture is based on their core values and what the company lives by. Jack Taylor did not talk about conception values when he started up his business back in 1957 he and his team just lived by them. They set the example through a personal commitment to the company and its customers. Those values have served as the foundation for their growth and success for more than five decades. And today, this simple, yet powerful set of beliefs is more faultfinding than ever so to their continued success its how they hold themselves accountable everyday. When Jack Taylor founded Enterprise, he clearly articulated his business philosophy. Take care of your customers and your employees, and profit will take care of itself. Treat customers the way you would want to be treated as a customer. Repeat customers are the quickest way to build a stiff base of business. Never promise what you cant deliver deliver more than you promise. After dealing with us, we want customers to say, This is the best place Ive ever done business.Enterprise has remained true to these basic principles. Taylors philosophy is also reflected in a tool called the Enterprise Cultural Compass, shown belowThe company developed the compass to guide service-oriented employees in conducting business and in interactions with each customer, each other, and their local communities. The compass was also intended to aid employees in focusing on key areas through the organization. To help promote the values depicted in the compass, Enterprise developed an award named the Jack Taylor Founding Values Award, which provided winners with a grant from theEnterprise Rent-a-car Foundation that could be used for qualified non-profit causes in the winners local communities. Employees were expected to adhere to these pr inciples in all of their business dealings. A affliction to do so could result in disciplinary action or dismissal.Enterprise Rent-a-cars Cultural Compass PrioritiesOperations Enterprise approximate the performance of their operating groups based in large part on how their operations maintain a balance between customer satisfaction, employee development, fleet growth and profitability. They know that keeping a healthy equilibrium among these critical factors is essential to steady, long-term growth. Diversity Enterprise takes superciliousness in understanding and embracing their differences in ways that drive innovation, connect them completely to their communities and make their company a place that is welcoming to all. A diverse supply chain allows their company to treasure growth and opportunities for historically underutilized suppliers, while also mirroring the communities in which they operate. Work/Life Balance Enterprise is providing an atmosphere that challenges all employees to do their best work helps them achieve successful careers and supports them in their efforts to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Sustaining their strong workplace personality is critical to their ability to attract and retain the best people.Helping their employees achieve higher satisfaction and engagement can drive lower absenteeism, higher productivity, better retention and other outcomes that contribute to their overall success. Business Practices Enterprise takes plume in exemplifying the highest moral standards. They know that they are held accountable by their actions and their reputation, they adhere to the strictest accounting rules and the highest ethical standards, and those standards apply to every single individual. Enterprise takes pride in holding themselves accountable for such high standards because they know that they are only as strong as their reputation that each of them maintains in the minds of customers, potential customers and employees.C ommunity Relations and Philanthropy Enterprise is a local company that just happens to have a presence in thousands of neighbourhoods across five countries. They actively support thousands of organizations and donate millions of dollars each year to a variety of causes. They know that business cant be a one-way street obedientwill makes good sense. Government Relations Enterprise acknowledges that it is only with the support of key community stakeholders that they can continue to grow their business and strengthen their reputation as a responsible corporate citizen and valued member of the community. They must build and strengthen these invaluable strategic partnerships on a national, regional, and local scale.Enterprise values high standards and regard for customers and employees, one can clearly see why they have been winning so many awards for customer satisfaction as well as setting themselves as one of the best employers to work for in Canada. Their culture is based on the t heir mission, values and high standards for customer satisfaction and employee relations. They base their company on how their founder lived by and they believe their actions are what set them apart from other companies. All of these combined are what play a key role in the success of their company. Having such immaculate standards for themselves is what is helping them be this successful with so much competition. Their customers know that they will not promise more than they can deliver and they will always deliver more than they promise.4. Our recommendations for the management1. Enterprise can potentially decide to analyze the need of a strategic alliance or potential merge with one of its competitors. A potential alliance will allow Enterprise to continue to conduct business as usual but will allow them to have a bigger competitive advantage among its main competitors. A merge between Enterprise, a medium to large company in the industry will allow Enterprise to meet its current challenges. This will allow them to match up with its current competition which has recently acquired companies in the auto rental industry and has become the second and third largest auto rental company in the industry. Such a merge will stop the recent increase of the Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group and Budget Rental Group. As well, a merge will allow enterprise to increase its market share with its main competitor in the airport segment of the industry, Hertz. The previously discussed merge will allow Enterprise to grow substantially as a company, it has huge market shares in the off-airport market, however,lately they have focused on developing their on-airport market, which has lead Enterprise to cause some market share in that segment, Hertz has begun to take notice and challenged Enterprise in the off-airport market.Since Enterprise already has a huge lead in the off-airport market it might be hard for Hertz to catch up to Enterprise but they can surely bother Enterprise. B y merging with a company it will allow Enterprise to meet those challenges head on, they can have enough off-airport outlets to crush the potential growth of Hertz as well gain on-airport outlets, which can lead to gaining and taking away market share from Hertz. 2. Enterprise should strengthen relationship with insurance companies it deals with. They can strengthen that relationship by offering those companies special deals for their customers. They can offer cheaper pricing for the rental of their cars in case of an accident. By cutting down their profit margin, Enterprise can increase the loyalty of the current insurance company they have partnered with. As well such attractive pricing can pursued with current insurance companies that have decided to go with Hertz to reconsider and analyze the potential of Enterprise as a company who they will use for their customers that are in need of a car. By doing this they will defeat the potential growth of Hertz in the insurance segment o f the markets.3. Enterprise should invest some money in their technology department. Investing money in the development of technology, Enterprise can have a head start in the need for their customers and develop an app to make it easier for them to either rent a car, find a retail location or book an appointment for an Enterprise employee to pick them up for a car rental delivery or a rental return. By developing an app they will be getting ahead of its main competitors and will increase their customer service. Customer satisfaction will increase since it is the companys core culture and business model. Entering the app market will increase the positive perceptual experience currently and new customers have of the customer service that is offered by Enterprise. Enterprise will have entered a market, which had not yet been tapped into. They will increase their presence in the hospitality part of the market by delivering an easier way for its consumers to gain access to their service s.4. Enterprise should develop or adopt a rewards system that other companiesare using in order to stay competitive. Their competitors, such as National and Budget are currently using rewards program like air miles. Enterprise should adopt this reward system as well it will be beneficial for the company to do so. First of all, as previously discussed, it will allow them to stay competitive, it will allow Enterprise to tape into a specific niche in the market where it targets customers who are in that air miles program already or are attracted by the fact that they want to be part of a reward program, where they receive things in return for using a product. By taping into this specific niche there could be substantial profit growth since not many companies are offering such programs. Enterprise already has a huge off-airport market share. A program, such as air miles will only strengthen their position in the off-airport market as well it can increase their growth in the on-airport m arket.Enterprise should also continue emphasizing growth within the company and focus on implementing one of the following strategiesMarket PenetrationAlthough Enterprise already has advertisements on television they could focus on a different approach instead of just using the motto, Well pick you up such as focusing the commercials on the weekend special deals.Product DevelopmentEnterprise could introduce newer models and expand on their luxury car selection. Market Development- Enterprise could continue their global expansion and increase airport locations.DiversificationEnterprise could establish a service called Rent-A-Bike We think that Enterprise should step outside of their comfort zone and implement a diversification strategy. We believe creating Enterprise Rent-A-Bike will gain interest in consumers and also expand on annual revenue for the company.

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Read Recite Review

Read-Recite-Review Remember A critical analysis 3R Study outline Nicole Turnbull Transition to University Study SSS021 Roy Sanders 13 March 2013 Transition to University Study SSS021 Roy Sanders 13 March 2013 Mark A. McDonald, Daniel C. Howard and Gillies O. Einstein (2009). The Read-Recite-Review Study Effective and Portable. A Journal of the tie-up for Psychological Science, Vol 20 No 4, 516 522.There are numerous strategies employ by students for learning and recalling information from various sources of educational texts. The paper (Mark A. McDonald, 2009) provides evidence why the take on strategy 3R Read-Recite-Review produces mnemonic benefits that exceed those of note-taking and rereading. Two experiments were conducted, students were instructed to learn specific pieces of text use either reread only (control group), read and take notes (control group) or de depotine the process of the read-recite-review strategy.The effectiveness and efficiency of the study stra tegies were assessed by timing the time taken to complete the reading process and by comparing the results of immediate and slow down testing which utilised free call, multiple choice and short(p) answers to check the amount of information retained. Experiment 1 required students to read factual, simple and short passages which proved that the 3R strategy was more effective using free call of information some(prenominal) immediately and delayed, however these benefits did not show in the results for both multiple choice nd short answer tests. Experiment 2 involved students reading longer and more complex passages, results supported those found in experiment 1. Additionally the second experiment found 3R beneficial over rereading for both multiple choice and problem solving. The results from both experiments concluded that the 3R strategy whitethorn promote a deep learning of materials, having benefits beyond improving retention. The study clearly demonstrated that the 3R strategy is an efficient and effective study strategy when used in a controlled laboratory setting.However, the study was unable to establish if the motivating level of students would weaken the processing benefits of the strategy. As Daniel, Howard and Einstein state if learners are in a more motivating setting and consequently are more conscientious in their study activities, would the effects of 3R be attenuated? The experiments were performed using psychological science students who participated either as part of a course requirement or for money, however students in all fields of study utilise study strategies.The motivation of students is again questioned as the I believe the personal benefit would be greater in a real life setting as inappropriate to receiving a monetary value to participate with no personal impact from the result achieved. Therefore I think the study should be repeated using a range of students from various courses/fields of study, using more real life motivators. In addition, I suggest testing the 3R strategy using lay presentations of learning materials as opposed to information being presented in one sitting in order to test the effectiveness on longer term retention.

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Brand Name

As stated in Brand Durability Challenged (201 1) hoi polloi normally feel connected with and loyalty to the disgraces that have been in the market for many years. Credibility, quality and consistency (Moisakos, 201 1) of the old brand can build consumer loyalty. The connection between race and brands might be the reason why most good deal usually buy the same thing over and over. This idea can be associate to Civilian(2007)gs idea that people usually buy things that they know about because they feel safe and comfortable with, and they remember those ingatherings ar good.According to Westbound (201 0), it has been discovered that more than half of the consumers who participated in the latest consumer survey decided what brands to buy at the store. If there are two products with same prices, they often need the one with a brand because many people use it. To illustrate, Caviar (2007) reports that a study by Stanford University found that when the exact same food was given to children-the only difference cosmos the container in which it was served-, most of the children said that the food that was in McDonalds packaging tasted better.In other words, people have a mind-set that products with brands have better quality than those without brands. On the other hand, according to the article Are you wasting money on brand names Consumer Reports has done a survey and seventeen percent Of participants estimation that name brand food contained more nutritious than other products. However, it is discovered that there are no big differences between nutrition of the tested products which are both brand name products and store brand products. Many consumers are proud of themselves when they use brand names products.These products usually include cars, clothes, and electronic devices. good deal have good feelings when buying those products. They feel confident to go out of their house with Nikkei shoes, Levies t-shirt, and Gucci bag. Those are popular brands for c lothing and they are very expensive. People go shopping for these brands because they want to show off and feel rich. A great example is about the t-shirts. Nikkei t-shirts are more expensive than other t-shirt without brand, alone people still want to pay more for it. Martin (2003) reports that even though Nikkei is accused of labor abuse, Nikkei still succeeds in building image of its brand.A lot of people still feel good with it, and they still buy its products. This makes it obvious how much consumers treasure their identification with the image of Nikkei. On the other hand, it is obvious that if a product or a brand has a bad image, not many people will want to buy that product or that brand because they think that it might lower their look. The image Of the brand is an important factor Of consumers purchasing decision. In the civilization, most people like to follow the majority because they like to be part of the group.In Caviars article, Dan Goldstein, an assistant professo r of marketing at London Business School, says that People tend to believe, If Ive heard of a product before, its probably because its popular, and popular things are good. This quote shows that people in todays world like popular things. Brand names are usually popular and people purchase them because of their popularity. Advertising is one way to asseverate a product to consumers. According to Marksman(2011), people were requested to see a line of BBS (BOBBY), but there was besides a b in some lines(Bobby).They were asked to count the line with b. Before each line was shown, fifty percent of the respondents saw the brand name of the ice tea. After the test was done, people, again, were asked to opt the drinks. The choices are the ice tea and water. People who were thirsty chose to drink the ice tea more than water. The example can demonstrate that advertising can also be a part of reasons why people choose a particular product. Reputation is not only the reason why people choo se to buy a brand name product, but design of sound and logo of the brand name is also another important factor.

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Impact of Mass Media Essay

Enculturation has undeniably been influenced by mass media. Meanwhile, enculturation is defined as the gradual acceptance by a person or group of the standards and practices of another person or culture (MSN Encarta Encyclopedia Online, 2009). Mass media, on the other hand, is the technological means of sending information, ideas, opinion, etc. by dint of the mass commuinication device to a diverse audience (National Institute of Open Schooling, 2009). In changing and molding the culture, mass media has become an essential factor. out-of-pocket to the important influence of mass media in enculturation, both has inevitably become inseparable. Through mass media, communication and information dissemination has become more good and swift. The information about one country is immediately transmitted to another place which will eventually influence that place. The influence of mass media, however, can be good or bad to young people. For example, the young people has also been assaulte d with a series of conflicting messages that has relation to human decency, respect for others, and peaceful co-existence in one place through the power of mass media (Deci and Ryan).It is also noteworthy that an artist can easily influence the culture of young people through the power of mass media. Britney Spears, for example, has been an icon in some other parts of the world. Her styles and songs were inculcated in the minds of young people and made others emulate her entirely. Furthermore, the impact on enculturation by the mass media have become stronger because of the techological innovations like the internet. People from other parts of the world has come to understand the lifestyles of others.It has effectively eliminated physical, philosophical, unearthly, and political boundaries among nations. It can be noted that during the 9/11 attack, the worlds view about terrorists and terrorism have changed. Ramarkably, peaceful talks has also been possible among nations having dif ferent religious beliefs and government. Hence, mass media has been an effective means in shaping ones own culture and the acceptance of other peoples culture.

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The Best Job I Had

The Benefits of Smartphone Smart phones argon daily necessity. Smartphone have a lot of advantages besides making phone calls that few people rile the full benefits out of their Smartphone. The biggest benefit of Smartphone is that I never out of touch. There are different slipway I arsehole communicate with my friend and the family by using different apps on my Smartphone, for example schmooze and text messaging allow me to send quick messages to my family and friends, and I can besides use my viber app for foreign calls.Secondly, Smartphone alike allow me to download a lot of useful and fun apps. For instance the automatic reminder, I use this app the most on my phone because it keeps me organized by reminding me of my doctors appointments, my exams, and friends birthdays. I also use my eBay app for shopping, for mothers like me I have two babies, and its hard for me to go out shopping, so using the Smartphone apps made my life easier. Finally, the reasons that I like Smartp hone are the multimedia features.I can use my Smartphone to acquire movies or television or I can use it to play games. I can also listen to music while Im board on the bus or anywhere. right away I dont have to worry about getting my work done. I can just get on my Smartphone and do the research that I need. Smartphone bring us huge well-to-do in daily life. As it has multiple functions, people are more(prenominal) rely on it, because Smartphone more than just a phone. It is not only for dialing, but with so many different kinds of functions which make Smartphone so attractive and important for many people.

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Start UP Strategy Thesis

These units aim to find a ascendible and repeatable business model in markets where coarse demand is predicted (Steve Blank, 2010). In case of non finding such a demand or not being able to supply these companies burn all capital and close in a capacious run. Secondly vast majority of start-ups aim to go internationally. Otherwise business model is hardly scalable and it fuelnot attract capital in the future. Coddle general info Coddle is a info start-up connection which gets a product applicative. Com. It is a website which detectks to issue life quality study for citizens.People who seek to cognise more than of their neighborhoods type their hide and easily find knowledge such as crime rate, pollution, average income, and so on Also it is solidly handy for people who search an apartment to rent. information is linked to a website utilize free regimenal sources. At the modern moment comp any(prenominal) operates in Lithuania, Germany (Berlin), USA ( un drilld Yo rk, Confiscator, Chicago, LIKE (London). In forthcoming one year they plan to cover all cities in USA and then go to Europe. One year ago they raise kick ERR capital for a product development.Now they argon seek 1 million ERR capital which give be used for marketing and enlargement operations. Most investors provide capital for start-ups with well-crafted strategies and business plan. Unfortunately Coddle doesnt fetch a strategy and doesnt know what factors determine growth of a start-up. Determination of a growth strategy became an important matter which will suffice to distribute last capital, raise new one and show direction for a corporation. live dissertation purpose Research problem how start-up companies should grow in a client base and alleviated capital.Aim of the thesis To investigate what determines successful growth of a start-up company in argonas of clients base and capital raised. Objectives of the thesis Analyze internal and external environment of a Coddle start-up Conduct an help to craft a strategy, raise capital and distribute current capital Research methods soft research utilise rig formal interviews with industry experts. Secondary info analysis and literature review. Practical value of the thesis Start-ups with well-crafted strategies c ar to grow and raise capital. Coddle has a shortage of capital and no strategy.This thesis will help them to set a right direction for a company, understand focus elements which enables growth and raise capital. logical sequence of the thesis 1 . Situational analysis. Internal and external analysis with a secondary info using PESTLE, 5 porter forces, market segmentation and attractiveness, competitors analysis, STOW. Defining crucial factors for company s expansion 2. Qualitative research using semi-formal interviews. Interviewing people from successfully outgrowth start-ups 3. Analysis primary and secondary entropy. decision key factors which determine successful growth a start-up com pany 4.Making conclusions and providing recommendations for the company Situational analysis General information somewhat company I-JAB Coddle launched in 2012 is a start-up company which focus on providing neighborhood information for people worldwide. Concept is simple company has created a website which is like a search engine for addresses. Visitors see a website, enter an address and click search. After few moments website presents neighborhood information linked to that address. It hobo be air pollution, crime rate, average genuinely estate prices, near bus-stops and much more. In extension to that company has developed Life-Quality index which takes into account all available information sets and presents it in one numeral value. For example address 139-008 85 Drive, Queens, newfangled York has a life quality index of 66/100. Data to the website is coming from open governmental data sources. Applicative. Com is in a beta phase and operates in cities London, Berlin, Ch icago, San Francisco, and New York. Company has ambitious plans to be present in every city worldwide. In order to form their ambition company has raised kick euros of capital. Most of that capital went for product development but at the moment website slowly darted building its own visitors base.Company is investing to both product and marketing. Also they ar meddling for a second investment which would be somewhere around 1 million euros and used for speedy business growth. Product itself is in introduction product life cycle phase. Figure 1 organizational social organisation Of the company At the moment company has zero revenues and they are living out of raised capital. Business model start-up has planned is BIB. There is no way to monotone in BBC since a website is abruptly free. For BIB there are two options 1 . Sell advertising place in a website for real estate companies relied 2.Sell Life-Quality Index mark as API (application programming inter organization) integrat ion for real estate websites or customized API with neighborhood data Coddle has worldwide Website was launched in July and now it has approximately 6200 unique visitors. In approaching year planned growth is 100 000 unique visitors. Coddle has 2 two BIB clients which have integrated Life-Quality badge to their websites. Badges were given for free in order to test a product and watch feedback. In the end of the year plan is to have at least 30 BIB partners which use our badge for free. In late 201 5 plan s to charge 70$ per month for badge integration.Table 1 Size of the market Chicago New York San Francisco BBC (website visitors) 2,35 million 7,31 million 0,73 million BIB 900 1 500 2400 List of small competitors 1 . Bootlace. Com 2. Foundation. Com 3. Ravishes. Com The largest competitor is walkover. Com which is launched in 2007 and already for more than 7 historic period. They are operating in whole United States including cities where we are. They have more than 30,000 BIB cli ents and 1 , 200,000 site visitors each(prenominal) month. Concept of their business is similar to Coddle. They have a website With address search engine.Visitors and check- p any address in USA and get neighborhood information plus walkabout index which is a summary of mixed place distances in one number (similar to Life-Quality index). BIB business model they are using is like as we planned sell API integrations for real estate websites. Management of the company Company s structure is small, communication chain is short and they dont huge product portfolio. Therefore solicitude style CEO uses it sort of simple and unstructured. They have weekly meetings to check week s performance and set new goals for an upcoming week. Company plans work for no more than 1 month to the future.Sometimes CEO has unstructured individual meetings with employees to talk about on going assignments. Interns are being managed by a full time working individual in a marketing field. Interns receiv e assignments from CEO and marketing person. Company does not use any theoretical methodology such as agile project management, lean or other start-up management techniques. Macro-environmental analysis Political factors. Open data movement which started in USA in 2007. Scientists Of LISA realized that government has collected a lot of various data of the country. Data is being collected simply supervise governmental sector recesses.This type of a data is a broad way to improve boilersuit human knowledge base and help to understand words complexity. Scientists have encouraged governments to open free data portals where data would be available for everyone (Joel Curing, 2014). In USA it is be data. Gob and even cities have their own data websites like New York mentioned before. EX. as well is establishing large open data infrastructures. Only because of this impulsion Coddle had a chance to develop such a product. Economic factors. Our BIB product is for real estate industry there fore if industry is growing that means hey have remedy incentives to innovate current situation.Real estate industry has 13% GAP of total USA GAP and they are steadily growing over the last five years. Even after real estate crisis in 2007 they kept growing. In addition to that key websites in USA real estate sector such as one million million million or Trivial invest several millions each year for neighborhood data. Data is being displayed in their websites and customers have better overview of a property. To compare with European real estate websites there is a immense difference. Most of the largest websites in Europe do not display any neighborhood information ND keep simple search engine for a property.Secondly there is quite high competition in LISA real estate websites market and company are willing to invest decent amount of resources for better display of neighborhoods and local areas. Our website visitor has synergy points with real estate sector as well. Most of appli cative. Com website visitors are people who are searching to buy/rent a new property. They are actively searching local area information. Growing real estate industry means more renting or purchasing and more people seeking information which our website provides. Social factors.Due to gig rates of obesity (Rulers, 2014) in USA we have new emerging trend healthy life style. It is already for several years and growing even more. Demand for health friendly or environmental friendly products has increased. We can see examples like a Greek Yogurt since 2010 dominated USA Yogurt market. It is a Yogurt which is considered to be healthier choice. It has less fats and more protein. Other sectors specializing in healthy life style has grown. Technological factors. on-line(prenominal) IT technology allows us easily link data from governmental websites to our which makes all start-up possible.Even annuity of a data is high but website can be well optimized and user friendly. Secondly to build a data crawlers (robot which scans websites and extracts data) has become much easier. One IT programmer can do it. Governmental institutions do not provide all data therefore company has to search for a new ways to collect it. net has decent amount of in depended catalogues like http//move. Yellowness. Com. Internet crawler can be cost in force(p) solution for data extraction. Scrounging trend which started in 2006 has enabled companies to outsource difficult tasks for crowds.For example such platforms like virago Turks can be used for data testing or processing. Also using scrounging methods are great way to collect data. There are even successful companies which us mainly crowd sourced data (data which is voluntarily entered by a user) Google maps, tomato GAPS maps (Stuart Dredge, 201 1). Environmental factors. In USA media is actively talking about pollution, crime and more topics related to neighborhood lifestyles. People have increased awareness that living environment is reflected in their quality of life. We have articles like top 10 cities to live or best neighborhoods of New York.At the current moment people have higher interested in their living environment peculiarly demographics young families. Legal factors. Coddle is registered in Lithuanian Republic therefore they are accountable to Lithuania law. So far company has no revenues and they dont deal to pay income tax, but in the future they will face 15%. Since they are online business it is way much easier to overcome political barriers and change markets if it is claimed. Also they dont need to pay value added tax because all product purchases are made online. Besides that company of necessity to pay tax for their employees which is 30% from their salaries.Risk analysis Cross-cultural risk. Since Americans are native English speakers there is a quit high risk of miscommunication or misunderstanding. Lithuanian can speak English but to egest with American is harder. Also it is harder to c ompete from sales perspective. At the moment start-up tried to find BIB clients via unheated Calls, Linked, emails. It is a challenge to effectively communicate a message for potential customer. Local company can do it much easier. Also American culture is a entrepreneurial and sales culture and close to of business representatives are good in that (The Economist, 2009).Company s odds are getting lower when you need to complete with better business in better ecosystem. Commercial risks. Even the product is new in Europe but is not in ASSAI. They are 5 years ahead in tradition of big data, especially in real estate industry. Market itself has some strong players such as walkover for more than 5 years. To outperform locals which already have a strong position makes a threat for Coddle strategic expansion. Financial risks. Every time when start-up sells a badge marginal be are nearly to zero. Also online business doesnt have a lot of physical assets.USA currency s really Strong and has well establishes finance trading infrastructure with ERR. There are not so many major financial risks besides one cosmetic surgery a capital. Since Coddle is a start-up rigorously funded by a venture capital there is a huge risk of not raising a capital. Now company is trying to raise 1 million dollars and it is hard to predict what are the odds without trying. Country risk. No major country risks as well. USA is actively promoting online businesses and open data portals. Competitor analysis Ta able 2 kernel Segment A large real estate websites Medium real estate companies Segment BSegment C- Individual brokers Segment D accommodation websites Total market size (Units and/or dollars) 14 million dollars 20 (0%) 20,000 (10%) 180,00 (90%) 15 (0%) Share Now sought-after(a) in Three Years 25% Largest Competitor Today/Future Your Relative Share play Coddle product is in pure introductory stage there they have nearly O market share. Also from the table we can judge that segment A and D might be not relevant but that is not true. Due to product specific these are main segments where company should focus. Reason is simple every API integration with a large website is linking their visitors to our website.

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Analysis of Characters in Flannery O’Connor’s “the Life You Save May Be Your Own”

Laura Furdge Dr. McDaniels ENG 495 February 5, 2013 Analysis of Characters in Flannery OConnors The animateness You remedy May Be Your Own The Life You go on May Be Your Own is a short stratum written by the American power Flannery OConnor. It is one of ten stories in her short storey collection called A Good Man Is solid to Find. In this Southern medieval tale, we are introduced to a mother and her daughter as they sit on a porch in an impoverished country town. A macrocosm, Mr. Shiftlet, crosses their path and after a bit of confabulation is offered a place to sopor and food to eat in exchange for fixing things well-nigh the house.He make water downtually is offered the daughters hand in marriage, and accepts with the reward of getting a political machine. The two marry and the mother provides specie for them to go on a weekend honeymoon. But, in an unexpected turn of events, at least century miles away from her home, Mr. Shiftlet leaves the girl sleeping and strande d at the counter of a breakfast restaurant. Feeling precise guilty, he searches for a hitchhiker to pick up in an effort to right his wrong and finds a short(p) boy that had just run away from home.Mr Shiftlet convinces the child to go back home to his mother and the story ends with him driving to Mobile. Flannery OConnor does more than tell a humorous Gothic story with this piece of work she uses the lives of Lucynell, Lucynell Jr, and Mr Shiftlet to elaborate the hu macrocosm condition and how we often put our morals to the side for our own selfish gain. Lucynell Crater is the developmentally challenged daughter of Mrs. Crater.She has a childlike mind and is unable to speak. She is a simple spirit and lacks comprehension of her surroundings. She has colossal pink-gold hair and eyes as blue as a peacocks neck(OConnor). She was almost thirty that could pass for 15 or 16 because of her innocence. She is almost entirely silent the whole story, yet she plays a major role in the e vents that ask place throughout the story. Lucynell was a key player in this story because she was Mrs. Craters only opportunity to get a son-in-law, and Mr. Shiftlets best opportunity to get a car. The story revolves around Mrs. Craters attempts to get Mr. Shiftlet to want to marry Lucynell.She lies about Lucynells age, brags on how she is able to do housework, and even makes received that he knows she is innocent. All the while, Lucynell is totally oblivious to the things that are taking place around her. Lucynell is used as a symbol in this story she is a representation of the rejected salvation for Mr. Shiftlet. Mr. Shiftlet (Shiftlet suggesting that he is a sketchy character or that he will eventually change) is immediately recognized as a tramp by Mrs. Crater as he walks up the road.His conversation leads the reader to believe that he is nothing entirely a con-man. OConnor makes it apparent in Mr. Shiftlets speech that he knows exactly what to say in order to get what he wa nts. From the time he approached their porch, he was eying their car. He spoke as if he wanted to hang around because he wanted to be able to share their view of the sundown every morning, but it is apparent that he wants the car for himself in order to be free. Tom Shiftlets unfitness to be truthful and honest about his intent creates a situation for him that could withstand been avoided.He hangs around the house, fixing things and even teaching Lucynell to speak. Because he is a poor disabled friendless drifting man(OConnor) according to Mrs. Crater, and therefore there is no place in the world for such a man as he, it was assumed that he would marry her daughter, fulfilling her desperation for a son-in-law, and live out the rest of his breeding with the Craters. Because he went along with the assumption, he is in essence, forced to marry Lucynell and this leads to him abandoning her at the diner because he truly did not want what he play offd to.Mrs. Lucynell Crater (the nam e Crater suggesting an empty space or hole, indicating that she is in want/need of something) is a toothless old widow. Her husband died 15 years ago, loss her to take care of Lucynell and the furthestm by herself for the rest of her life. It makes sense that she would be so welcoming and rely of a complete stranger. OConnor connects the Craters lack of a man in the household to immobility and deterioration and Shiftlet presents a solution to both problems(Arant). Though handicapped by the lack of one arm, Mrs.Crater believes Mr Shiftlet will be a great help around the house and decides to provide food and a place to sleep for him in exchange for his services. As the story progresses, Mrs. Craters desperation for a son-in-law begins to show more be adjudgely in her conversations with Mr. Shiftlet. She begins to use Lucynell as a bargaining tool as she offers him the car in exchange for marrying her daughter. She loses aspect of the feature that Lucynell is not competent enough to enter into a marriage because her focus is gaining a son-in-law that could take care of the farm.This is a very immoral decision because her duty as a mother is prototypic and most importantly to take care of and protect her child. Her decision to marry Lucynell off also speaks to the fact that she either does not understand the sacred nature of marriage or does not care at all about it. As stated earlier, Mrs. Crater is well aware of Mr. Shiftlets desire to obtain the vehicle that had been sitting up for years so she uses it to negotiate a marriage between him and Lucynell. Mr. Shiftlet and Mrs Crater agree that he would marry her and take her out on a weekend honeymoon.OConnor makes it apparent that innocent Lucynell does not know what has taken place because she falls asleep on what ought to be the happiest day of her life. Lucynell was the saving kindness for both Mr. Shiftlet and Mrs. Crater, but instead, just as the world rejects Christs salvation, she was rejected and these two characters are damned to a life of loneliness and guilt. Lucynell was Mrs. Craters life before Mr. Shiftlet came along, and the fact that she was crying at the thought of Lucynell being done for(p) for only two days proves that she is definitely going to suffer more if she never returns.As far as Mr. Shiftlet is concerned, Mrs. Crater trusted him with Lucynell, telling him I wouldnt let no man lease her but you because I seen you would do right. (OConnor) and he betrayed her trust. He abandoned his salvation, he is on the run from grace he longed for a car so that he could run faster and farther(Rogers). He realizes that his actions were terrible and even after trying to redeem himself by picking up a hitchhiker he cries out to the Lord, resolve forth and wash the slime from this earth and the story ends with him attempting to outrun the approaching storm.A closer carry at the characters in this story gives an accurate example of the human condition. The characters in most Southern Gothic stories are often decrepit, unsavory, poor and/or mentally ill. The authors use the extremities of the people in their stories to expose our cozy mental condition as human beings. The purpose in doing so is to cause the reader to take a moment and examine their own lives. It makes one stop and think about how they may have acted in the situations presented in the stories and it gives them insight as to what could result from it.On the surface, the automobile and wedding in The Life You Save May Be Your Own seem to hold little to no importance. But from the beginning, it is clear that Mrs. Crater only wanted to keep Mr. Shiftlet around for the potential services that he could provide. He could have been her live-in carpenter as well as a husband for her daughter. At this point her daughter becomes an design instead of a human being. Even though Mr. Shiftlet pretends to be unconcerned with the money, he winds up communicate about the car and even wants money fo r the wedding.Eventually, just like Mrs. Crater, he abandons Lucynell for the belief that a car would fulfill his needs. Through the approach of Mr. Shiftlet and Mrs. Crater in relation to their desire to gain the things they thought they mandatory in order to be happy, Flannery OConnor reveals a world in which money or material things have become more important than people or even spiritual peace. Works CitedArant, Alison. A honourable Intelligence Mental Disability and Eugenic Resistance in Weltys Lily Daw and the Three Ladies and OConnors The Life You Save May Be Your Own. Southern Literary Journal 44. 2 (2012) 69-87. Academic Search Premier. Web 5 Feb 2013 Baym, Nina, Mary Loffelholz.Flannery OConnors The Life You Save May Be Your Own. The Norton Anthology of American Literature. 7th ed. Vol. D. New York W. W. Norton Co. 2007. 2522-2529. Print.Rogers, Jonathan. Flannery OConnor Summer knowledge Club, Week 2 The Life You Save May Be Your Own. Jonathan-Rogers. com. 11 June 201 2. WordPress. Web. 4 Feb 2013. .

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Testing the Principle of Proxemics

I went to a Tim Horton set beside a wo humanness. I set in a casual distance of 2. 5 to 3 feet next to her without talking. She looked at me and smile. Without talking I lowed discover her. She had a quick and careful glance at me, a suspicious look. She seemed excite and not normal. By looking at her face, I felt that probably she takes drugs. Without saying anything, she just walked out. The way she walked out, it seemed like she got scared of me for some reason. Next day I went to the same place and set facing a man who was alone.Without talking to that man I started reading the newspaper (just to show him that I am reading newspaper, actually I was observing him). He looked at me multiple times and was smiling. Seemed like he wanted to start a conversation. The destination of interview is to gather information which typically designed to allow the interviewer to learn to the highest degree the interviewee in a non-threatening way. On the other side an interrogation is a mor e aggressive interview, in the sense that the same ultimate goal is present as with an interview, but the means of reaching that goal take on a slightly different feel.The role of proxemics in meeting these goals are precise significant. Increasing the amount of eye contact, the feeling of comfort and the amount of verbal response by the interviewee experience been goals of investigators in designing interview situations. There is little eye contact at closer distances and less eye contact when the interview is conducted in a large room. In one study, when the interview was performed at distances between the interviewer and interviewee of 2 feet, 4/z feet, and 9 feet, the greatest amount of talking by the interviewee occurred at 9 feet.Rapport always affects the quality of the interviewing process. It is a productive inter individualized climate. By building report both parties in an interview get along with each other which makes the interview more successful. An interviewee is more likely to succor with someone with whom they feel comfortable and to bring this comfort rapport is an essential thing. Rapport-building establishes harmony in the interview, leads to guiltless discussion and creates willingness in the mind of the interviewee.Some forms of non-verbal communications for developing rapport are given bellow 1. make a face 2. Eye contract. 3. Good Posture. 4. Tone of Voice Good eye contact and confidence are the personal qualities of the interviewer that enable him or her to conduct successful interrogations. Also an interviewer should be able to listen what the interviewee is saying, and know how to restrain them in an active conversation with encouragement, energy, and interest.

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CanGo Corporation Essay

CanGo does not seem to have any legitimate process devolve graphs, especially for its operations easiness. Two floor be after layouts were drawn up. One for the current operation processes and one which shows the operation facility if CanGo invests and implements an ASRS (automated storage and retrieval establishments). These two floor plans were referred to as flow charts. Flow charts consist of shapes and connectors which are labelled stating the flow of the processes, the decisions that can be made at specific stages, and outcomes of those decisions. Accompanying a flow chart would be the floor plan and written documentation outlining and explaining the entire process.RecommendationClasses Consulting recommends that CanGo draws up an actual flow chart, as well as the floor plans and written documentation explaining the processes in their operations facility. In addition, costs, financial effects (both current and future), and other details should be included for both the cur rent operations system and the proposed ASRS and barcoding system. Having all of this documentation will show where improvements can be made and where costs can be cut. It will show and explain in detail the actual processes used for receiving, picking, and shipping.A floor plan will not get through into account the actual details such as how long it take to pick books, how crowded it is on the operations floor, nor how the employees feel about the possible change. If, after creating this documentation, CanGo decides to go before with the new barcode and ASRS the flowchart will help in the creation and setup of the new systems. In addition, if backing is needed to install the new systems, having this documentation will show the lenders that CanGo has thought it through and can adjudge details.

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If you came back to earth as someone or something else, who or what Essay

If you came back to earth as someone or something else, who or what would it be - Essay ExampleThe name of Bush in the political grounds of the States is not new and almost everyone is aware of his status and name. Bushs decision making power, motivational speeches, devotion and confidence are some traits which I admire personally. The position he holds in American political arena is yet another positive feature that makes him an ideal for me. I personally guess that he is a good leader with excellent communication skills. His attitude, wisdom and thoughts are all rattling(a) as they become a part of Americas success. His power and authority are the principal(prenominal) factors which influence my thoughts and fascinate me towards his personality. Wealth and riches that surround George W. Bush are yet another fascination for me. I would like to be G. W. Bush as his mind, intelligent thoughts and influencing personality led him to become a successful man. I would like to have a min d and personality like him so I may rule one of the powerful nations in the world. Being G. W. Bush would help me in making some necessary changes which I feel may help the poor or minority groups alert in America. Lastly, the fame, reputation and reverence that G. W. Bush holds, is desirable by majority of the American population. I desire to have a name as shining in the world as he has.

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Executive Decision Making Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 words

Executive Decision Making - taste ExampleIt would be necessary in the first place constructing a contract to determine whether the supplier allow for indirect request such advances and then weigh this against operational be of the business model.Furthermore, if the covenant between the supplier and the allocator is not going to be long-lived, contracts may ask for some variety of reimbursement related to the tooling cost to digest the distributors demand. This could be non-beneficial for a smaller organization that might be struggling to obtain profit. Any and all expenses must be considered before seeking foreign sourcing opportunities.If the supplier is chosen will be a partner for a multi-year relationship, then issues of potential pricing must be weighed before making this decision. Costs of manufacturing are influenced by changing labor wage rates and fluctuating prices of painful materials in the global supply chain. It wad be difficult to establish an appropriate pri cing agreement under a long duration contract as it is not easy to predict what costs will be incurred in the future. The vendor could, in the future, demand a higher price (which can be rejected by the distributor) which could terminate the contract. This would puzzle disadvantages as it takes time for supplier partners to understand the require of their client and alter manufacturing to fit distributor needs. Hence, in a price dispute, it could lead to further costs in identifying an alternative supplier.Additionally, fruit liability is a major concern for companies seeking overseas sourcing. at that place is a substantial risk that consumers purchasing products made in a foreign nation could have personal injuries as a result of using the foreign-made product or property damage if the product happens to be.

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The US Footwear Industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The US footgear Industry - Essay ExampleComfort office is trying to target health conscious customers of all told ages and genders in order to develop a potential customer base. However, the organization is planning to implement an online billet strategy in order to achieve potential competitive advantages. At the initial stage, it may brass some difficulties in finding rough-and-ready employees necessary for stiff business operations. The case study will analyze the scenario and discuss the case problem to make the readers understand the purpose of the study. Overview/Analysis Several organizations be trying to capitalize on the potential business opportunities that are developed due to globalization and the scientific revolution. Comfort Shoes is a newly developed organization. The organization is trying to implement advanced engineering science in its business processes in order to meet the satisfaction level of target customers. The online shopping knack can help the c ustomers to reduce their consumption time. At the initial stage, it is quite hard for the organization to fare with the start-up challenges. It is not easy to grab the market share of existing leading organizations through this strategy. Comfort Shoes is trying to raise capital from venture investors through the help of their business plan. Setting up an effective and fast server for online marketing activities is quite important for an online retail organization. It is necessary for the organization to conduct an effective market flock in order to determine the fruit of online retail marketing. The organization is planning to allow for advertisements on several social media networking sites. It is another costly effort. On the other hand, several leading footwear organizations have adopted information technology in the business processes after achieving a significant growth rate and market share. Customer awareness is another key thing for the newly developed organization. It i s only(prenominal) focusing on online activities rather than utilization of several kinds of promotional media. It is quite important for the organization to address cost at the initial stage of the business process. In addition, the organization should think about the murder of unique promotional strategies to attract target customers. Status Report The management of Comfort Shoes understand the risk of intense market competition and market saturation. They did some adjustments in their marketing strategies before the capital punishment of online marketing activities. The marketing coach-and-fours of the organization suggested the managing director of the organization to organize an urgent meeting with the stakeholders regarding this issue. The marketing manager told that the organization should conduct a real-time primary market research to understand the market wind and customers. He proposed that some executives of the company should be assigned to conduct a market resear ch action through the sample survey method. A questionnaire should be distributed to the people of all ages. According to the instruction, the executives conducted a survey by distributing a prepared close-ended questionnaire (Appendix). After the completion of data collection, the organization reviewed the answers. 78% of total respondents shared that the organization should try to follow print media, digital media and online promotional strategies to enhance customer awareness. After getting the outcome, the stakeholders committed to help the organization for the promotional activities. Case Problem The managing director of Comfort Shoes was concerned before the sample survey process that the management team of the organization did not avail adapted information to make a valid decision for the future business perspective. Demand for

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My personal development plan Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

My somebodyal victimization plan - Coursework ExampleIn my career, I have some innate skills that I have obtained in the course of life and which I do not struggle to develop while I am working within an organisation or for my own good. These skills help me to overcome various challenges in life and make it easy for me to implement activities in a very easy way without making either consultation from divers(prenominal) people. For example, I have skills in communication, which I acquired through my education and a person interested in different things in the world, I have developed my ability in write and intercommunicate Arab as well as in English. In English, I have developed the skills since stomach as I am a native English speaker and can communicate to different people with ease of disposition of their spoken communication and forms of communication. In addition, I advanced my skills in English following(a) my study at the University of Buckingham where I attained a ce rtificate in effective communication mingled with 2008 and 2009. This was in my attempt to enhance my competence in the English language as a language of communication in my endeavours as I practice my skills in marketing and promotion. This was also in understanding that marketing and promotion, in which I major, needs people who are fluent in their modes of communication as one interacts with different people in the market and convincing them to purchase products. My skills in written and spoken Arabic was put in to test when I worked for Coca-Cola Company in Yemen in 2011 from June and September and during my iv weeks internship in Egypt.

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Finance Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Finance Assessment - rise ExampleIn this concept adept stocks performance is benchmarked by the performance of another stock. The returns which testament be generated ar compargond relatively to other stocks of similar nature operating in the marts (Gitman, 2003). The major difference amidst both the absolute and relative return is that absolute return is concerned about the returns which argon generated from one particular asset or stock, whereas in relative return the stock is compared or benchmarked with the mensurations of other stocks. The virtually debated concept of Security Analysis and Portfolio Management is about the understanding whether a portfolio has been properly analyzed for the returns which the investors will get or understanding the relative performance of that particular stock in the markets (Deloitte, 2010). The investors need to define the definition of hazard, how it is measured and how to deal with it and for this reason investors create a portfolio of different stocks and securities. important and beta are the tools used by the investors to rate their portfolios and measure whether or not their investments are generating the pass judgment returns considering the risk they are taking. Assessing a portfolio in terms of both Alpha and Beta, the investor will have more control oer the portfolio and he will maximize the returns by minimizing risk (Koba, 2012). The measurement of an investment on risk correct basis is called Alpha. Investors seek to minimize risk and increase returns (Loth, 2007). The stock prices are subject to volatility. The price risk associated to a portfolio determines the return expected by the investor. The additional return which an investor gets on a portfolio apart from the benchmark set is called Alpha. A negative Alpha of a portfolio shows underperformance (Faulkenberry, n.d.). Beta is a tool which is used to measure the volatility of risk associated to a portfolio as compared to the performance o f the market. Regression analysis is used to calculate Beta. In other terms Beta is the propensity of investment return to respond to the market volatility. The lower the observe of Beta, lesser will be the volatility of the stock with respect to the market. Both Alpha and Beta are popular tools used for the measurement of volatility. Alpha compares the asset returns on the investment to the risk adjusted expected returns whereas Beta is the movement of the asset along with the benchmark that has been set by the market. Alpha is very most-valuable for assessing the growth and the returns that are associated to the portfolio. It depends on the structure of the portfolio, the investor and the market which is being analyzed that which factor either the Beta or the Alpha will be critically significant for the investor (Seeking Alpha, 2011). With the varying school of thoughts the perceptions of the importance of Alpha or Beta vary. Alpha and Beta alone do not possess the potential to assess the risk instantly and adjust the portfolio for the returns. Alpha alone is not sufficient to assess the skills which are derived from the leverage of the portfolio. It is not suitable for a risk averse investor and may end up being a misleading performance measure for the investors. The value of Alpha itself is not sufficient for the assessment of the stock just now it can be used if a benchmark of the portfolio is set. Beta does not possess this benefit. The direction of the market cannot be assessed by the benchmark Beta set for the portfolio. The use of Alpha and the speculations made by victimization it are very consistent. The